Standards of dress in the Household Div.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Cuddles, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. I was watching the moving televisual machine this afternoon, when I espied two subalterns of the Household Division watching a football match at Twickenham. Both were dressed horribly informally and I wondered when the Household Division stopped its' policy of requiring its' young officers to dress properly for sporting events!

    A base ball cap, a wooly beanie and fleeces and sweaters FFS! Not an ounce of tweed in site! The racing felt also appears to be off the menu. I don't think either Cornet Wales had a walking stick...
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Tisk Cuddles, we agreed not to discuss their career choices on here:) - Going for airborne Sqn cred?

    Obviously they have picked up their mother's dress sense rather than their Father's!
  3. Career choices? Why no I'm talking about their adjutant's professional standards me!
  4. No, no, no no no no no no no no no no. It´s all part of the royal "pick ´n choose" attitude to soldiering, either that or the H DIV have suddenly decided to go like the Tory party and become "more accessible". Next you´ll be telling me that they don´t wear stiff collars for breakfast and that instead of white tie for dinner every night, they can now wear smoking jackets at weekends. I knew it was a mistake letting them into a parliamentary regiment (RHG).

    It used to be the case that if an officer appeared in print (Harpers, Tatler etc) he bought the mess champagne. As a result, most weeks there´d be fizz at luch at least once for that reason. With two princes on board, I expect they have it on draught now.

    I suggest on/off extras from now ´til Christmas to instil some standards.
  5. More importantly did you see their rather foxy blonde cousin also wearing a baseball cap and supping a pint!!

    Good work that girl.... :thumright:
  6. That's what you get for choosing petit bourgeousie to be your royal family!
  7. Good point! In my day, the young gentlemen, when in Town, had to wear dark suits, shiney shoes, stiff collars and bowler hats carrying a tightly furled brolly! Very smart.
  8. Indeed!
  9. And not use public transport or carry parcels!
  10. LG were always more picky than RHG/D; until 1989, even their soldiers had to book out in jacket and tie, hence their nick name "Best dressed drunks in Detmold".

    The bowler hat thing for H DIV officers died out in the mid 80s. The King´s Troop carried it on, but they were always considered a bunch of arrivistes, who made just a little too much effort to outposh us. Still, a lovely buch of chaps despite some of them having some slightly dodgy personal habits, which in one case have been usefully transferred to the Legion of Frontiersmen.
  11. Tell that to the current General!

  12. If there´s been a resurgence for the bowler hat, then hurrah. I wore my Jersey Heavy Wool to work last week. Maybe this week I´ll wear my bowler which should go down a storm in down town Madrid. In fact I´ve been threatening to do this for some time, but the Dago Who Must be Obeyed has always forbidden it.
  13. Jorrocks old chap, you absolutely must wear your bowler! I am regularly pilloried by the Fenian Bride for wearing my racing felt to pop to the village shops. She considers it "staid" and "old mannish". She has even bought me an Irish "countryside" sort of a hat.

    It is great for shooting and bad weather but not really ideal for cutting about in. I believe it is reerred to in hatters circles as a "Foxhunter". This proves it is really Irish because if it were English surely it would merely be called a "Hunter"??
  14. I once saw 2 members of the Household Division "wearing" a 17 yr old black girl on their manhood. At least they can't be accused of racism.
  15. I've recently landed a Staff job in London after years at Regimental duty in far-flung rural outposts of the empire. Being a farmers-boy at heart I can't bring myself to wear a bowler as I feel I should be leading a prize bull around by a rein, but I have bought a rather nice 'weekender', like a Fedora but with a much narrower brim.

    Shall we start a campaign to encourage the wearing of hats?