Standards of dress in the HCMR

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dusty_jacket, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Having just perused the online edition of the Daily Mail, I came across this article,

    Follow her lead! Household Cavalry's first female bandmaster graduates today | Mail Online

    Although in this pink and fluffy day and age it is nice to see that a female flute player can reach the lofty heights of a Bandmaster, I wonder if she had to quickly pose for the photo and forgot to take off her pyjama bottoms.

    Having never been one of the smarter soldiers when I served, I was still faintly aware of the rules of mixed dress.

    Or do all the HCMR soldiers wear pyjamas under their uniforms?
  2. Nothing like a pair of Buckskins to make your legs sweat like a fucker on parade!

    Nothing against women in the band - They were they in my time and make good riders and mussy's, but for fucks sake SQMC - sort that fucking tunic out! You could fit half of the band in that! Also she might have actually put her jackboots on before the photo? Maybe her standards from the TA and the Paras have just been to hard to get rid of!

    Also any other HCMR on here - I thought no bugger had rank on a tunic? I never remember the Band master having any badges on? Or is she really TA on an S type (if they still do the S type one year) engagement?
  3. Are you sure she's a WO1? She can't even manage to tie her own bootlaces up.

    What a fucking mong, I think I've seen smarter looking cadets.

    And the horses are better looking...
  4. Bootlaces...

    What the fecking hell is she doing with dried spunk in her welts?

    WO1? That is truly astonishing.
  5. I'd say most of the lads don't do there laces up, so they can slip combat boots off, jackboots on, but saying that, bing in the band, she has no curasses, which generally slice you in half at the belly when you try to bend over, so silly bitch should have done them up! Yeh I wondered 17 years for WO1, again, probably still a STAB who's got a passion for sucking the meat of sausages!
  6. More like sucking the juice out of sausages to get to WO1 in that time, and going on parade when she's obviously got dressed in the dark.
  7. I think this answers your incredulous astonishment.....

    Once a critter, always a critter.
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  8. But is a WO1 bandy like a normal WO1? I think not. They're like this army male nurses with 2 tapes straight from nurse school who shit themselves when given anything 'military' to do, like wear a fucking uniform in a soldierly manner!
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  9. If anyone here, serving or ex, turned for a photo shoot, or any other parade, it'd be straight to pokey.

    Mind yer fingers.


    Shit it's dark in here.
  10. WO1 and not 1 Op tour to her name - well done Ma'am.
  11. That battle of the golden jubbly was a right bastard dontcha know...
  12. tubbie bitch as well.
  13. Having studied her photo, as well as a hint of gwarness, she reminds me of a young Nora Batty, and we all know how that turned out don't we...
  14. ooooooh the shame for the Tins! bet the Dinks are loving it!
  15. Like Regular bandies are anything other than military hobbyists.