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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. Are shocking....

    Several important topics of late have descended into childish bitching and insults.

    If you don't have a brain cell to engage in intelligent debate on serious matters, may i suggest you return to the gutter.

    ARRSE has turned into nothing more than a children's playground

    P.s... where are the Mods etc???????????????????????????????????? :|
  2. I totally agree.

    You ****ing big girl's blouse.
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  3. Glad you mentioned childishness!
  4. Wah anyone? If not, speak to amnesty, liberty or any number of liberal bleeding heart sop bucket organisations. In fact PM me your address and I'll send you 20p to phone the samaritans. I presume the mods are pissing themselves laughing at you. I will now consider myself "guttered"
  5. So in 6 months you would know what it was like before. Its dullards like you that piss this forum off you ****.
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  6. Here's one for you.


    Fit for a king, that is.
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  7. Flip (edit) me - This weeks Friday nutter has posted early this week - usually these arrive at 5.35 pm - so in the words of a recent poster i shall "sit back and open the popcorn and enjoy the incoming "

    Oh by the way to the OP - Foxtrot Oscar.
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  8. The Mods, think you will find some one shouted "Free curry and beer" and nobody has seen them since, shame as some were OK.
  9. Grab a soup spoon and eat my arse out, you simpering ****ing fool.
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  10. Shouldn't this have been posted in the NAAFI?
  11. wish it was - i could use the term "****" freely.
  12. Who the **** cares what you think, you scottish ****

  13. Worms, Can, pass the tin opener.....
  14. Now now Frenchy
  15. GFY Gaylord
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.