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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pangur_Ban, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Good link, thanks. :D
  2. these are the MATTS requirements.. These are fitness tests you do when you are actually in the army.

    If you are looking for the fitness requirements to pass the army recruit selection process you need to find the BPFA test requirements :)... which are:

    Press Ups

    Number of press ups to be achieved in 2 minutes.

    Under 30 - Male 44 - Female 21
    30-34 - Male 41 - Female 19
    35-39 -Male 39 - Female 16
    40-44 - Male 35 - Female 15

    Sit Ups

    Number of sit ups to be achieved in 2 minutes

    Under 30 - Male & Female 50
    30-34 - Male & Female 46
    35-39 - Male & Female 43
    40-44 - Male & Female 37

    hmmm... i've lost the run times.. its a 2.4 km (1.5 mile) run if im not mistaken. I think it has to be completed in under 10 minutes.

    Also you are required to carry 2 jerry cans (each weighing 20kg (44lb)) as far as you can over a set course, at walking pace.

    You also need to do the Dynamometer test tp determine how much force you can exert with a single lift.

    Also they will ask you to do as many heaves as possible, Im not sure how many you need to do and in what time. I just know you do it heh.

    You will also do a test using an incremental lift machine. They basically see how much weight you can safely life to a height of 1.45m with your knees bent and your back straight. the start weight is 5-10kg and then they make it heavier with every successfull lift.

    They have a test to measure the strength of your back muscles. They use this special back extension rig. I dont know anything useful about this test though..

    well.. hope this comes in useful
  3. I somehow doubt that the 1.5 mile run time for a recruit is faster than it is for a trained soldier(MATTS). The pressup/sit up standards you give are the MATTS ones too.
  4. For entry to the army and to achieve the highest level ,which is level 1, you would need to run 1.5 miles in under 10.30 mins,lift 45kg to 4ft 9 ins,carry 2 jerrycans each weighing 20kgs for 180m's(2mins). The standards may well have been tweaked and I know the back strength test is not included in the above but is a test you will have to do at the selection centre. Anyone able to verify these standards or the individual tests?
  5. This may seem a stupid question.. but can anyone clarify what the standard time is for regs selection? some places i read 13.15 some i read 10.30 ? cheers
  6. 13:15!?!?!

    Fcuk me, you could crawl it in that time! Aim to get under 10 minutes and you'll pass no problem.
  7. thanks dude!
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I think that you may be confusing a couple of things here (doubtless someone with the knowledge will come and put me right), as there are two runs.

    1) Risk Reduction Run. This is a 2.4km run which has to be completed in around 14 mins and is the 'entry level' i.e. absolute minimum to allow you to start training.

    2) PFT (Personal Fitness Test), - you may hear older people call it the BFT (Basic Fitness Test) or BPFA (Basic Personal Fitness Assessment), which is what it used to be called. This run has to be achieved in the timings which are outlined above. Again, these are the maximum timings which you are allocated depending on your age and sex. As a young man just about to join, you should be looking at getting substantially under 10 minutes and to improve that time during basic training.


    Updated as I am getting behind the times myself :(
  9. thanks msr. so which one do you do first? im presumming that the one you would have to do in under 14 mins would be when you go away for your medical and fitness selection weekend, during your application process? im doing it around 12's at the moment.. but obviously i still need to work alot harder.
  10. bpfa is out the window and its not the pft (personal fitness test) same as bpfa but its a straight pass/fail not score out of 300. :!:
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I don't know, I am really not the expert here. I would suggest waiting a couple of days until the people in the know come back to work and post the answer ;)

    Until then - keep training.

  12. Ok just finished a recruiting Sgt post last year and for anybody trying to join the Army you can request a getting fit for the Army brochure from army careers website or from your local AFCO/ACIO.

    The times that it says in the booklet are a basic level and he PSO's at selection are looking for the effort you are putting in and not just the times. For instance you could stroll round the course in 11 minutes chatting and not puttng the effort in and another person runs the whole thing in 11.28 blood and guts (he will pass and you will fail) anyone caught walking even for a metre will automatically fail aswell.

    The timings also are based on what CEG(job) your going for and if your JE or SE.

    The basic times were

    Para SE 9.18
    Para JE 9.40

    Inf around 10.30 but have known strong contenders pass selection with around 11.20 times

    Under 11.30 if strong on other selection activities .

    Girls under 12.30

    Speak to reruiterswho will have current times PSO's are looking for.

    Get yourselves on look at life courses will will show what your true levels are.

    good luck
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Please can you explain these?

  14. cool thanks for that. i want to go in royal signals so i guess i am looking to get it down to 11-10 mins realisticly.