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Discussion in 'Officers' started by tsar_Nikolas, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place, Mods feels free to move it!

    I attended one of the PCBs for Sandhurst entry in January...and I couldn't help but notice what a bunch of idiots most of the people I'll be entering Sandhurst with! People who were talking over the Colour Sergeant and the Captains address, people wearing black shirts with white ties (!) and people who just generally didn't come across with the courtesy and respect of someone who wants to be an reminded me very much of the folk at OTC and why I left!

    Those already been it always like this, or does it improve at any point?! Serious question folks, I'm desperatly looking forward to the factory, but at the moment, my fellow cadets look to be annoying
  2. We're a broad church - one of many factors that makes being an Army Officer so rewarding.

    If you can't get along with your peers, I suggest that you may need to look elsewhere?

    That said, you will 'find your level' at RMAS and naturally evolve in attitude and personality over the course of the year - beome more 'rounded' I daresay. I certainly did.

    White ties and black shirts? Yikes! :D
  3. I'm not making out that they're ALL complete muppets, I was just surprised by the general level of disrespect for the people who were supposed to be giving us the information we needed. I certainly don't expect to get on with everyone, just from my experience of Officers who have completed the course, I expected everyone to be a little more...easier going?
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My own experience was that there were a number of big-timing choppers on the first day or two of the course who were unrecognisable within a week, once reality had kicked in. Bear in mind that many of your fellow cadets will be temporarily under the illusion that they are big fishes in a small pond, having just come from University Cadetships, being officers within small OTCs, being the golden boy of their Cpls Mess or whatever... RMAS is something of a leveller, and anyone who doesn't learn to listen to the DS very sharp-ish will not last long. I'll make the assumption that you are in all respects a model officer cadet but I would also caution you against taking against any of your fellow cadets on this first brief glimpse; whether you like them or not, you need to work with them for the next year and that will be easier to do if you ditch any assumptions you've made about them and see how they operate when they're actually on the course.
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  6. I met a chap who seemed like the most pompous prick in the world on my PCB. I turned up on the first Sunday at RMAS and it turned out he was in my platoon. His antics got instant DS lock-on for the first five weeks, and is actually a really sound bloke now he's calmed down as a result.
  7. Within the first 5 weeks all of the people who turned up with a real walt (listen to me I've done x.y.z etc) attitude promptly got lock on and were eventually fcuked off. These people generally talked an excellent game, but this hid real insecurity and jackness that doesn't belong at RMAS. If it's one thing the DS are good at it's spotting this. This left a generally good bunch who would look after each other and laugh at collective misery (Ex Chrychans Challenge, end of 1st term, for me).

    One particular cnut came a complete cropper on the above ex. He had spent the entire term trying to become the de-facto leader of our platoon by bragging about things he had never done etc, and he royally flapped and fcuked up a simple section attack.

    My best memory (and that of the rest of the Pl) of RMAS was seeing him in his misery when he realised he was dead and buried. :D

    Nose clean, boots polished, don't be jack.
  8. Tsar - Am I correct in assuming that you have just attended the November PCB?

    I thought the same when I was down at my PCB last month, however it soon became clear that aswell as the twats that wouldnt shut up or thought they were something special there are also alot of genuine PO's who will be taking the same approach as me and just gettin there heads down and stuck in. Apart from this how did you find your PCB? And just out of interest how many PO's were on your briefing? we only had 60.

  9. Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated

    Devil, just PMed you, forogt to mention, I was at Octobers PCB, so you were probably on the same one as me! You'll rememebr this comment from the PTI SNCO

    "Mr *****, not so strong, Run red, push ups red, sit ups amber"

    Edited Cos I'm a Muppet; Thanks to Captain Blackadder for pointing it out!
  10. You're not a muppet - no problems :D
  11. Quick query - did PCB back in August but since had to defer to May entry due to knee embuggerance. Any idea whether PCB will need to be repeated?
  12. No you wont have to. They are all the same. We had guys on ours (october) who were on the May intake, and mt PCB was for January entrants.

  13. RMAS does have it's fair few share of people that think that they matter. e.g. Upon meeting one new OCdt at the start of the first term, a friend of mine in the intake had a conversation that went a little like this:

    Nobber: "So what regiment do you want to join?"
    Mate: "Don't really know, I'm fairly new to the army and need to learn more about it all. What about you?"
    Nobber: "Well I've got four choices. 1 PARA, 2 PARA, 3 PARA, or 1 UK CIV DIV"

    Needless to say that said nobber didn't get into any of them, and my mate went on to fly Apaches!

    RMAS is a GREAT leveller and weeder out of choppers.
  14. So the food's still good then?

    Honest question: What is PCB?
  15. PCB -

    Day 1:

    Opening Address
    Kit Measuring & Footwear issue
    Commissioning Course Brief, Tour of Old College incl accommodation
    CSM's Address
    Military Language Aptitude Test
    Briefing from and Open Forum with OCdts on the course

    Day 2:

    Injury Ethos Brief
    BPFA Debrief
    IT Assessment
    Kit Measuring & Footwear issue
    Arms & Services and Choice of Arm Brief
    Adventurous Training Brief
    Q&A Session