Standards at Pirbright

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by halib, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. I recently happened across this photo in the interweb. I'm led to believe that this is a TSC(B) passout parade - what in my day would have been called basic. From that I surmise that the apparition on the right is a training corporal. I would not let a recruit parade in that state let alone a training Corporal, wtf is going on at ATC Pribright.

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  2. erm, he's TA I assume?
  3. Standards,Pirbright?,both in the same sentence?,don't make me lafffff.....
  4. I don't think so, not it should make a difference anyway. I understood the training team even on the TA courses at ATC(P) were from the Regular staff of the ATC.
  5. Looks like he's shit himself.
  6. Looks like the camp tailor needs a good kicking
  7. WTF are on his feet, triple soled barrack dress shoes?

    Watches and H4H wristbands arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh on a pass out parade?
  8. the Tp Comd is incorrectly dressed too...she's in Service Dress, not FAD.

    The reason the Cpl looks like a sack'o'shite is that he is in FAD. Pls somebody confirm that he is TAs...
  9. The female officer would appear to be a Lt Col and therefore the inspecting officer (presumably regular) not the Tp Comd. As stated earlier, DS at Pirbright would be regular. On a positive note, it's not often that the slime are the best turned out on a parade - well done that lad.
  10. irrespective, still incorrectly dressed. If a Lt Col, my eyesight isn't that good, then i know who it is - she's a friend of mine...i'll have a quiet word later about the FAD/SD issue...
  11. I'd give her one....

    Having said that, the corporal looks like he's had a good night on the the shite and needs to be taken on a damn good 20 miler.
  12. D_D, she is a Lt Col, however I'm not sure you can be incorrectly dressed in SD rather than FAD - I certainly haven't been issued mine yet (I wouldn't mind as my SD appears to have shrunk in my wardrobe). Having seen people in FAD, even allegedly tailored, it all looks like a sack of shit; it is embarrassing especially when stood amongst a multinational audience in their national equivalent order of dress.
  13. He is well turned out - by comparison, but is it just me or is his beret 10 sizes too big?

    ..or is his head 10 sizes too small?
  14. looks to be a TA passout to me, when i did my TA basic there we passed out in cs95 and all the DS and other staff were all regulars and in 2's dress
  15. To be fair it is 'kin hard to get a small crown INT Corp beret nowadays (not to mention unreasonable to expect lads and lasses to buy them), the issue ones are unfortunately of the HLS variety. No doubt it's AGC not Cypress green as well.