standard or modified landy?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by parfy101, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. I want a landy. I'm just not sure weather to buy a pre-modified one thats been lifted, had big wheels fitted etc already or buy a standard one and do the mods myself. Opinions?
  2. I would by a bog standard one then mod it up myself, that way you get to know your landy a lot better if anything was to break later on. If you buy one already modified it can be a nightmare getting replacement parts as you dont know how many changes the previous owner has made, like diffs, axles and hubs.
  3. I'd be wary of doing those sort of mods and I would never buy one that has had them done unless it's been done by a well known specialist. Most of those things that you see are disasters waiting to happen and often have worse off road performance than a standard one. Put some good tyres on and just enjoy it.


    My Land Rover is on arrse if you care to look for it. ;)
  4. I think you have pulled the most famous article out on a disaster with modified Land Rovers, and having modified several myself including my current one, I would say the key things you want to be looking for if you are in the market is chassis condition and engine wear. If its had a lift at all, check its got cranked radius arms, so that it maintains its articulation etc, most mods that people do are things like winch, bumpers, underbody protection, like sterring guards and diff guards... non of those mods would endanger the vehicles safety nor compromise the drivers safety either.

    I've got a 90 with a 2" lift and 33-12.5-15 tyres with the correct radius arms and underbody protection and it performs excellently off road, but thats what land rovers are designed for and will out of the factory.

    My suggestion is to goto a LR show if you are in the UK and see just what people can do to them. There is a 2 more this year. ! at Stoneleigh on Aug BH and another at Peterborough mid Sept.

  5. I've modified loads, used to do it for a living, we entered the Welsh Hill rally with our Comp Safari buggy. My point is pretty much the one that you are making, it needs to be done properly. You must agree that there are a hell of a lot of bodged up Land Rovers out there?
  6. Thanks for the opinions guys, I think im going to buy a standard one, and then change the wheels/tyres at first and see where it leads me. Im not too much of a mechanic so ;earning as i go along could be the best idea rather than taking on someone elses project only for it to go wrong a few months down the line.

    Brianand, that sounds like a good call, id love to get a look at some show cars to see what other people are doing and what can be done, got a linky?
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hi. Welcome to my world and thanks for asking something I know about around here. What was the question? Ah yes.

    First question: What do you want your Landy to do?

    The school run? Hump a ton of marine gravel 20 miles? Gun Bus? Swamp through rivers and lakes with a bunch of Mid-Life crisis merchant bankers? Waft about like a Landy Walt with your snorkle and checker plates? Do you want Retro Series, Defender or the footballers wannabee horror, the Range Rover Sport?

    First, ask yourself why you want a Landy. And what you want it to do.

    Take your time.
  8. Excellent advice. First rate.
  9. EX_STAB's advice would be the same as mine. In terms of mods (if you want them done because you intend to use them), either:

    1) Buy a vehicle that has been modified / prepped by a well known company (for instance, Frogs Island 4x4)
    2) Buy a vehicle that hasn't been modded / prepped, and do it yourself IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF COMPETENT. Just because Landys are common DIY projects, it doesn't make them MOT-exempt, and do you really want to mess about with something you may later drive down the motorway at 70+ ?
    3) Buy a vehicle that hasn't been modded / prepped and get somebody who knows what they're doing to sort it out. That's what I did on the mechanical front, only did electrics bodywork and paint between me and friend, all the mechanical elements were sorted by the pros.

    Then the next question is what do you need doing to it? A lot of people dive straight in with a snorkel, huge tires that require recutting the wheelarches, a massive winch and winch bumper, enough chequer plate to cover a lorry and a load of other useless shit. In every 10 snorkels bought, I'd be willing to bet that 5 of those land rovers will never experience water above bumper level. Of all the massive tires, I'd be willing to bet 3/10 never do anything that couldn't be done on a more hybrid tire. Of all the winches, 6/10 will never use it and 3/10 will never even put the land rover in a place where they might need to use it, etc. I think you'd be surprised at just how capable a standard land rover is with a simple tyre change to BF Goodrich MTs. Then after that, the performance will be upped by the things you can't see, more than the things you can. Like I said, in most cases, big tyres and snorkels amount to nothing more than diesel chomping accessory kits.

    Personally, I would start off simple. JE engine mod, BFG tires (ATs or MTs depending on whether you'll use it for road running too) and some basic home-made additions will give you all you need to get good performance off road to begin with. Then go out and play with it, work out which bits you're not happy with, work out where it's falling short and get those sorted out. That way, rather than building some 4x4 disaster that takes good bits off everything and tries to be a good all-rounder, you'll work out what kind of off-road driving you're into, and develop a vehicle around your personal taste - whether that be climbing and descending big slopes, winching, or simple greenlaning, and save you splashing out on things that have no effect on you!

    We've taken ours to the LR Weekend and people give us funny looks as to why our 'serious' defender doesn't have a snorkel or massive tires. Answer? We've never been deep enough to get water in the air intakes, and we've never taken it on any land that MTs won't deal with. And as a result, driving to the LR Weekend, we got a far better MPG economy than they did, a more comfortable ride, and when we took it up on the course, I dare say there's nothing they could do with theirs that we couldn't do with ours. (Interestingly, there was a bloke we met who gets relentless grief because he still uses leaf springs. When it turns out his vehicle can do 45 degrees uphill without a winch, people tend to 'wind it in'!)
  10. I love your Landy, mate ^^