standard of accomodation

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by flame_haired_adonis, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Who thinks that the standard of the housing that we are having to endure if fair, to say that we put our lives on the line for queen and country and our family have to live in hovels, whilst the free loading immigrants come over here for a better life, and get handouts and given places to live free of charge that are like the Hilton compared to the tip we live in, come on PM pull your finger out.............
  2. Love my pad. Couldn't be happier. In fact thinking of buying it!
    Living next to a sprog and his gobby misses is something i will miss when posted next year.
    In fact, each day i record the shouting, banging and general noise so that when i move and play it tape(how old am I!) i will rest at ease knowing i am not alone at night.
  3. force everyone of of "quarters" then there will one thing less to worry about.
  4. I think if the people respected there quarters and enviornment more the quarters would be allright. Problem is the Army wont shift bad families that make shameless look like the Brady Bunch. At my last posting 10 families complained about a disruptive anti social tribe for the summer period. Nothing happened. He left her in the end and she still did the 90 days waiting to get evicted. I do not expect to live anywhere where anti social behavior is acceptable. These tramps should get a written warning and if they do something arrse again they should be evicted. Yeah the fella might sign off but what the hell hes replacable anyway. Normally blokes who are from a trashy family are shit at work anyway so its a good way of getting rid of mongs.
  5. Pad quaters should also have walk round by the DHE tw*t or the CO ect every 6 months or so.
    Not stood by your beds, but to show that your garden isn't a jungle
    or your house isn't some sort of indoor granade range.
  6. Bump that Mad Pickle. If the CO walked into some housing he would go spare.
  7. FFS cant you tell you are a wedge.
    get real nobber. and all the wives would love that.
  8. Would that mean singlies have to do the outside area's around the patch while pads are on pad inspections?
  9. The thing is, we are all tennants and the land Lord has a right to inspect
    his property.
    Some of the houses are in clip. People don't give a fook.
    As for outside area's, when do they ever happen on the patch?
  10. Got myself a surplus quarter due to having a kid with my ex. Got no complaints at all, its a lovely little place in a really nice quiet area. I'd even buy it if I could.
  11. fair one but not the C.O.
  12. What they need is some grumpy tw*t like the Jock in hameln instead of the civvy knobber's they have here in the UK.
    The hand over/take over is much stricter in Germany.
    You could pass here with mouse holes kicked through into next door!
  14. Quite right the pads wifes need to understand they are also part of the Military machine.
    If they choose to live in sh*t and there grotty husbands do nothing about it, then give them a warning, then mag to grid.