Standard Mess Kit?

Quite a few posts have bemoaned the fact that regimental amalgamations normally means new mess kit. As I understand it, as mess kit is not provided by public funds older patterns don't have to be replaced until they wear out. I also appreciate that CO's and RSM's will bring pressure to bear if you don't immediately go out and buy new mess kit.

For the record I was badged Queen's and eventually ended up in the Londons. Following the creation of PWRR in 1992, subsequent RSM's tried to force the Sgts. of B (Queen's Regiment) Company to buy new mess kit - this was despite a regimental forum that agreed B Company would retain Queen's Regiment mess kit). Like in all these things some relented and some didn't - it made company mess photos look like a dogs dinner. The problem was the new PWRR mess kit was of a completely different pattern to the Queen's one.

Anyway, my main point is given the number of recent regimental amalgamations is it not time some form of standard pattern infantry mess kit be worn with facing colours mirroring the old 1881 Army Order of Blue - Royal Regiments, White - non Royal Regiments, Yellow - Scots, Green - Welsh etc..

This way, following amalgamation you might at best only have to change your badges and buttons or at worst have to have the jackets facing colours changed and not shell out £500-£600+ for a completely different pattern of mess kit.

Just a thought :wink:
Sounds like a sensible well thought idea. It will never happen!!


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That argument can be taken forward as a reason to disband all regiments and have a Corps of Infantry.
£500-£600 for a set of mess kit! You have got to be joking. I paid £1800 for my set 8 years ago from the 2nd string tailor. The Scottish infantry seems to be escaping future army dress for service dress so don't try to drag us into future army mess kit...... Again the army is pandering to the lowest common denomenator!

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