Standard Learning Credits.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. AGC type personnel, please advise.

    can these be used for literature to do with your trade????

    thanks in advance.

  2. I'm not an AGC type but I am up to speed on SLC's. The answer is no-these must be funded by your branch or trade sponsor. 2007 DIN 06-037 refers to this.
  3. I'm not an AGC, but I have used my SLC several times and my understanding of it is this:

    The training to be undertaken must be of benefit to the service.
    If the service provides a similar training course then the SLC should not be used to fund an outside agency led course.

    At least that is what I was told. However, it's all bollox as you can use your SLC to fund resettlement courses which are of no use to the service.

    Best speak to your local Education Centre/Officer, as I'm just a bitter and twisted old cnut that pretty much dipped out on every incentive offered by the army.
  4. yeah i have used SLC before & asked this question NUT got no definative answer.

    the literature is relavent to my trade but we as a unit do not hold it, so therefore i intended to buy it & was considering using my SLC if it was legitimate.

  5. What do you mean by literature?

    If you mean can you use your SLC to buy books to do with your trade, then no you can't. But you can't use SLC to fund books for a course either.

    SLCs are for the courses you wish to take. They don't neccesarily have to benefit the Forces.

    I've tried to take one every year, including Forklift truck driving, Lock smithing, H&S type things, and fair few computer cses too.

    And a few GCSEs to perk up my results. :p The SLCs paid for my early courses in the OU too. Only the first year ones though, as the latter years got silly expensive. So I used them for Forklift driving instead, and paid for the OU myself.

    Still have my ELCs too. Soon worth £2000 a pop :)
  6. it is the 17th edition wiring regs which are in the process of changing.

    will require the regs for when we do the 17th edition cse.
  7. Mate, if you look at the DIN, the definitive answer is no.
  8. Do you not get the regs on the course?

    And if the course is required for your trade, then the Army should provide the new regs surely? (I would have thought they need a copy anyway for your reference).

    If not there is a copy of the 1st Edn on the wall in the Liney building in Blandford. I'm sure they'll give you a copy. :twisted:
  9. 1- nope.

    2 - you would have thought so, would'nt you ???
  10. knocker the 17th edition is coming into the Corps. Our gaff's sorting it now for our CoWE.

    The annoying thing with SLC is that an AutoCAD course for 3 days - £400 can not be claimed as it is classed as trade training!!

    Does the MOD want us to know little bout lots?? whats the point! I say the individual and their OC should be able to justify it.

    Oh and 17th Edition can be got by your Res Spec or QM's for your unit as you evidentally have sparkies....not you to buy!
  11. So does the course have to be of benefit to the service?

    The regulations seem a little odd - it must be of benefit to the service, but not if the army already provides a broadly similar course. Surely if a course is of benefit to the service, then someone in the army must run the course?
  12. If it is directly part of your trade i.e. wiring regs, then it must be paid foir by the system.

    SLC must hit 2 targets, benefit to the individual and the Army.

    I am sure knocker til the end is able to put his case to the chain of command in such a way that they dare not refuse!
  13. in your course admin instructions it some times says that SLC cannot be used for literature or tools/instruments.
    Unless you are in resettlement the SLC should only be used for courses that benefit the service, it all depends on how you word your reasons for claiming the SLC on the MOD Form 1950. Speak to your IERO, IEROC or local AEC officer.
    SLCs are a doddle if you ask people in the know, rather than the lashed up bloke in the corner of the NAAFI bar who claims to be the font of all knowledge.

    Many people use SLC for the fork lift truck operators course, quoting that it will be of use on operations. SLCs are normally used for exam fees.

    I wouldnt have used a SLC for the locksmiths course, the only course that gives an actual recognised qualification (CGLI) costs £2400 (inclusive of exam fees, tools of the trade etc), ELC would have been better for that. Unless you dd the CTP Aldershot course that cost £644 (now gone up to just over a grand!) and all you get for your trouble is a certificate of attendance that can be used towards a rather expensive CGLI exam and qualification at a later date and the opportunity to buy the tools.

    you also cant mix IRTC and ELC, but if you are very clever you can mix ELC and SLC, but you have to have an extremely comprehensive course breakdown that shows that certain elements of the course are level 2 (SLC) and the majority of the elements are level 3 and above (ELC), but speak to the IERO on how to do this.

    err lecture over.
  14. cheers.

    i am in my resettlement final 2 years.