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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jenhen, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    Hope this is the right place for this, but I wish to study a GCSE and re-claim the money via SLC. I have read the DIN and it states that the course should directly benefit the service, does anyone know if studying a GCSE would qualify?

  2. check your PMs
  3. Just go to the Learning Center, Im sure they will sign you off for it.
  4. I have used my SLC to do GCSE's and never had a problem claiming the money back.

  5. My mate used his SLC to pay for a GCSE the year before last so that'll be a yes.

    Have you considered doing a Level 1 Open Uni course instead? The difference in workload is only slightly more and at the end of the year you'd have 60 points towards a degree which is 300 (360 for an Honours degree).
  6. go talk to your education centre-they have all the info
  7. Thank you for the advice guys. Unfortunately my unit has no education centre and when I contact the education centre that is supposed to deal with us, which is 30 miles away they scratch their heads as to what to do with us! For example, on registering for ELC they didn't want to sign my form as they didn't know me and I was passed from pillar to post for months trying to get someone to sign it.

    I am going to study GCSE A Level phsycology with a view to undertaking a degree with OU using ELC in 2009, hope its agreed.

  8. Whats the crack with claimimg SLC, do you need to claim it before paying CSE fees or is it claimed back afterwards, what forms do you need to complete?
  9. You need to submit a form (It's a 5A in the RN-possibly different in the Army) to the Education Centre BEFORE you start the course, pay the fees yourself and once you complete the course, you submit a form (5B for RN) to claim £175 if the course costs more than £219 or 80% of the course fees if it is less than £219.
  10. you need to submit a MOD 1950, on it is all the usual Army bumpf: name rank number etc.., then full details of the course, qualification, provider, cost etc...
    Your line manager signs it, then your education officer or IERO (SRA) signs it. You keep the 1950 until you complete the course. Then with a AF 09578 and a copy of your certificate you return to your education officer or IERO for a signature and then off to your admin, onto JPA and cash hits your bank. Pass or fail you can still claim.

    The 1950 has to be submitted before the course, it cannot be submitted retrospectively.

    Its up to a maximum of £175 per year and as said you have to pay 20% towards the cost of the course (not the amount of SLC, so if course is say £250, you will get full £175).
  11. Can you claim for any type of course? I am trying to get a bike licence, or am I way off the scale - trying to get out of work and get to the ed centre is a nightmare, as is someone actually picking up a phone these days....
  12. If you arent in your resettlement phase then the course has to be of benefit to the Army. So if you need the licence to do you job or it would be of benefit then yes.
    We have a run on Fork lift truck licences at the moment.

    is that you, sorry, I was making a brew (some habits die hard)
  13. I used my SLC last year to offset the cost of my Direct Access course no problem mate, hopefully you should be okay.
  14. Some education officers will only sign them off if you have entered the course into your PDR, 9 times out of 10 its only enough to pay your exam fees, but its money youre not having to spend.
  15. NRR


    Anybody know if/how SLCs can be claimed after leaving? or is it only ELC entitlement that continues after getting out?