Standard issue running shoes during phase one and insoles?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jimmy_88, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. I've performed a search and couldn't find what I'm looking for.

    Firstly, I believe during phase one recruits are issued the UK Gear PT-03 SC Mens Road Running Shoe? This I believe... UK Gear PT-03 SC Mens Road Running Shoe: Shoes & Accessories Am I correct?

    Secondly, due to having rather fallen arches I've always run a in neutral/moderate support shoe with a good off the shelf orthotic insole to prevent my feet rolling inward. Up to now this has kept me relatively injury free since a nasty bout of shin splints when I first took up running in a shoe completely unsuitable for my feet.

    My fear is that I'll get to phase one and develop an injury quickly in the PT-03.

    Has anyone any experience how receptive the PT-03 are to insoles and whether taking insoles with me will be an issue with the training staff?

    Ideally I'll buy a pair, experiment and get used to them before phase one but I thought i'd gauge the response on here first.

  2. Do you have feet at all, or do you have flippers?
  3. No flippers haha. What's your point?
  4. I had exactly the same question as I get blisters as well on my instep I was told to just take them anyway to basic and put them in my shoes but you are issue two pairs one for inside and one for outside....any more info would be appreciated
  5. ******* iPhones make my English terrible.
  6. they also do a NC neutral cushoning version,

    i got told that i had fallen arches and my feet roll inwards and the bods at sweatshop said i'd be better off with the SC
  7. Sorry to bring up old thread but i came here after searching for this exact same thing... does anyone know the prices for these insoles? thanks

    ah cool just got some insoles for running and marching
  8. If you can find a pair of these, they're ace. Black preferred

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