Standard Issue Boots

Hey guys,

Looking to buy some new standard issue boots for my hopfully upcoming POC. But i cant find any where that stocks them apart from grade 1s and 2s. Can anyone point me in the right direction please to find a new pair?

Thank You
Anybody know when the brown boots are going be rolled out? I need to get my (black) Altbergs re-soled but I'm not paying 40 quid if its anytime soon.
I make that May 2014 for my lot then as we are always well behind the curve.
Just out of interest if you are going on a POC course and were told you would need some, shouldn't you have been issued some?
Afternoon, I spoke to Cadet Direct before i posted this and bloke on the phone says they not the standard issue ones they are a generic boot called British assault. Benny, on a prmc you normally get used boots issued on the day you arrived and a new pair on completion but on a POC its advised to have a pair of well broken in boots to take down with you.

Cheers for the replys guys
I've used pre-worn Grade 1 boots before with no dramas whatsoever. They'll do for what you need.

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