Standard Bergan Packing

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chalky, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. I'm off on this year's weekend 1 for my unit this weekend and I remember seeing something about their being a standard way to pack a bergan that we'll be inspected on. I remember there being one in my CMS(R) but I can't for the life of me remember what it is or how I'm supposed to arrange my gumph.

    Any help?
  2. Infantry Training, Volume 1 - Skill At Arms (Individual Training), Pam 2 - Fieldcraft, Battle Lessons and Exercises 2001

    Packing of CEFO/CO
    0128. Explain and demonstrate, the squad following: In order to pack CEFO/CO:
    a. Insert the bayonet into its frog and secure.
    b. Insert the ETH into its carrier and secure.
    c. Insert the respirator and water bottle into respective carriers and secure.
    d. Place the six magazines in the ammunition pouches which are then
    secured. If two grenades are to be carried they are to be placed in either ammunition
    e. Insert the tool roll into utility pouch if worn. If not the roll will fit behind the
    water bottle.
    f. Place the issued bag insert in the pouch.The following items, wrapped in
    waterproof material to prevent rattling, are packed in the right side pouch (rucksack).
    (1) The mess tins/KFS.
    (2) The 24 hour ration pack.
    (3) The hexamine cooker.
    (4) Washing, shaving kit and towel.
    (5) Polish and boot brush/spare laces.
    (6) Socks, foot powder.
    (7) Gloves (if not worn).
    (8) Headover (if not worn).
    (9) 30 metres of dark coloured communication cord.
    (10) Sandbag/plastic bag for rubbish.
    g. Place the issued bag insert in the pouch.The following items are packed in
    the left side pouch (rucksack):
    (1) NBC suit and IPE.
    (2) Tent section/waterproofs.
    (3) Additional yoke.
    0129. Confirm by practice and questions.

    Packing of CEMO
    0130. Explain and demonstrate, the squad following: In order to pack CEMO:
    a. Place the issued bag insert in the rucksack.
    b. The following items, wrapped in waterproof material, are packed in the
    main rucksack:
    (1) Spare boots/laces.
    (2) Two pairs of socks.
    (3) Pullover (if not worn).
    (4) Spare shirt.
    (5) Two pairs of spare pants.
    (6) CW vest.
    (7) CW liner and trouser liner.
    (8) Waterproofs (if not carried in left side pouch (rucksack)).
    (9) Sleeping bag.
    (10) On top of the rucksack and rolled, is the sleeping mat.
    (11) Cover sleeping bag.
  3. Ooo Greenslime thats RESTRICTED you rascal.
  4. Greenslime I only hope for your sake that you copy and pasted it from somewhere and did recite that from memory, if you did remember all that get out more lad try to enjoy the world!! :lol:
  5. Who writes this shite nbc /poncho and water proofs in left hand side pouch .Maybe if he is a ******* midget .Like the poncho roll whose
    supposed contents were impossible to contain.
  6. That may be the ''book'' contents of your webbing and bergan , but in reality
    you would not carry half that crap . It all depends what job you are doing
    within the TA .
    My packing list is as follows- Webbing = Bullets, water, a small first aid kit , brew kit and hexi stove , metal mug
    on top of your water bottle .
    Bergan= Doss bag and bivi bag , Softie jacket, warm hat , spare socks and t-shirt
    pair of trainers , Gortex Jacket and trousers , Rations , house wife.

    That is a basic kit list , not including ''mission specific'' kit (orders folder, FAC kit) loads of lads will tell you different
    and a lot depends on your units S.O.P.'s and of course the weather conditions .
  7. Stick to the top one for training then once the DS stop grilling you for not wearing issue socks on your hands at night then you can admin yourself personally!
  8. okay here goes fully expecting a ribbing for this post as usual

    if memory serves me correctly you do not need to know this for weekend 1 as u are taught it on week end 1 and a hand out is issued explaining how to do it

    i am now going nonto w/e 7 and have never been tested on bergan packing
    your bergan is supposed to be packed to your own spec based on how you will be able to locate and use things easiest

    so the way u pack a bergan ios an individual thing

  9. Not so much a ribbing....
    By the book yeah right!

    each unit has an SOP for what goes where, S is talking about the one we expect our recruits to play with whilst they are with us, I assume that you have the same.

    Can't go wrong if its by the book though, just make sure you have a vacum pack thingy to get it all to fit, also In or OA&S bergan, the OA&S is the cammed handbag
  10. Why bother with a bergan? Just stick it all in a black sack and sling it over your shoulder and then your away!!!

    edited 'cos I spelt soldier instead of shoulder 8O 8O 8O
  11. Or pack up your troubles......
  12. If I were to use my unit SOPs to pack my large pack, kidney pouches and and poncho roll I might get frustrated. They were re-written last year as well.
  13. '58 patt, you lucky, lucky barsteward we 'ad 37 when I first started! nae kidding JLR RAC Jan '80 Blck , cos armoured corps, 37 patt!