Stand-Up...Your DVD for Christmas?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Plenty of choice to cheer us up at Crimbo and lighten the mood, personally it's Lee Evans Big Live At The O2. Google it :eek:

    "Big" is possibly funnier than "Live in Scotland", fcuking funny and he speaks the truth, makes the family laugh, all at the same time.

    Does anyone remember "Dinner for One"? Freddie Frinton, which the Germans used to have on every New Year?


    So who tickles you? Leave you all to it then.
  2. Adam Hills - Joymonger and Characterful

    Well worth the investment, I watched it yesterday.

    Ref. England fans in Bar Oz in Newcastle during England v Australia, RWC Final, 2004...
    "Get ya sh1t stars, get ya sh1t stars, GET YER SH1T STARS OFF OUR FLAG!!!"
  3. Frankie Boyle. Genius.

    Edited to add "the only time I want to see Geri Haliwell draped in a Union Jack is if she's been killed in combat"
  4. i agree with frankie boyle:

    "I would have loved to have a gay dad. Do you remember at school, there were always kids saying 'My dad's bigger than your dad, my dad will batter your dad!' 'So what? My dad will shag your dad. And your dad will enjoy it.'"

    "Do you remember years ago, when they were making Braveheart, everyone said "Oh it's ridiculous, Mel Gibson playing a Scottish guy, that's not going to be very convincing..." and look at him now, an alcoholic racist"

    and would like to add eddie izzard- the definate article
  5. Agreed with Izzard. Preferred his older stuff to his newer stuff.

    On the Frankie Boyle front I'd like to add

    "give an african a fish and he'll eat for a day. give him a fishing rod and he'll break it up for firewood, or swap it for a fish"

  6. I might suggest....

    Bill Bailey Tinselworm.

    Yes, hes mad, but incredibly talented in regards to music (which about.. 2/3 of this concert is, unlike his others), and he mocks quite a few political figures. Including James Blunt... (The quote infact, which i stuck on the James Blunt ARRSEpedia entry.. :p)

    Still, its worth having a gander at. Plus, the last section is pretty much pure music - 10 minutes of pure hindi-indie, to use his own words.

    Anyway, i'll get my coat.
  7. Hang on before you get that coat mucka, IMHO Bill is an all round entertainer and musician. Wikipedia seems to agree, but we don't need that to tell us.

    Bill's actually talented and doesn't have to sh+_te all over other people to get a laugh. He is a classically trained musician and received an associateship with the London College of Music. He looks (and is) funny and his stage show is worth a look in anyone's money.

    While you're there, pass my coat too, please.
  8. Coats all round. Bill is supreme! Cosmic Jam, Bewilderness, Part Troll 100% class and Tinselworm? Hey Asda, I ain't gonna be your bitch is all I'll say!
  9. I have to agree on Frankie Boyle, he's the top comedian of this year IMO. I very nearly changed my signature block to his perspective on dinner parties - "Of course there's a vegetarian option! You can fuck off!"

    I actually slid off my seat laughing so hard at that one
  10. Agreed !!! the funniest DVD seen this year...
  11. Michael McIntyre

    Absolute pish
  12. I got lee evans live at the o2 for christmas, got it early too. Havnt watched it all yet but what iv'e seen is so funny, its a must get!
  13. Yep, watched the clips online, supposed to be two and half hours long?

    For me it's going to be some Richard Prior, old stuff (coz there is NO new ones lol). This clip's timely, considering events in America this year:

    And it's only comedy
  14. Discuss.
  15. Ive asked Santa (Mrs Boots) for the Frankie Boyle and Sean Lock DVDs. Looking forward to them both.