Stand To.

A young soldier is on stag at night in the Helmand, when he see's a figure approaching his position.

'Halt!' He shouts out.

The figure continues to advance so the young lad shoulders his rifle.

'Halt!' He shouts again, but still the figure comes closer.

The frightened soldier flicks off his safety catch and once more shouts out 'Halt!'

The figure still moves toward him, so he fires 3 rounds into it.

The next morning he climbs out of his trench and goes to where the figure stood. There, bleeding on the floor, is a member of the RAF Regiment.

'You soppy cnut, I shouted halt three times last night' says the soldier.

Coughing and spluttering blood the RAF Regiment soldier looks up at him and says.

'Yes I know. But you gave it on the wrong foot'

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