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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Mrjupp, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Mens Clothing Site *affiliate link*

    Commencing IMMEDIATELY and available in appreciation of the immense efforts on all our behalf by members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, Stand-Out.Net is launching a special promotion to all serving members of HM Forces and their immediate family.

    With IMMEDIATE effect, any order made by a member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces or their dependents delivering to a BFPO address shall receive 15% off ALL products.

    When listing your BFPO ensure you specify UK as the country of origin. This ensures you only pay UK standard delivery prices(£2.99 typically). Orders in excess of £59 after discounts have been deducted receive FREE delivery.
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    What about those not at a BFPO address and ex members?
  3. Not wanting to come across as ungrateful but isn't that the VAT that we're entitled to anyway?
  4. Hi

    I'll try and answer both questions. Please feel free to ask more and I'll try and get answers from the site owners for you.

    First the discount code is solely for BFPO and for serving members plus dependents. It is checked at the retailers end manually. The reason for this is the retailer offers an affiliate scheme and has other discount codes for the general public. To ensure correct use these are different. They are also not as generous.

    The generic public one enabling ANY PERSON to receive £10 off when they spend £69 or more is SANTA and should be entered at the commencement of checkout. There is free UK delivery on all orders over £59 (after discount has been deducted) and for BFPO users entering the FORCES1 discount code, by ensuring you enter in the cart that the country code is UK you get standard delivery and free if over £59 at checkout.

    VAT is payable by the retailer on all internet transactions within the EU. This includes all BFPO as the delivery address is classed as UK.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Ok, having a bit of a senior moment but to clear this up

    Only available to service pers and dependants at BFPO address.
    Not avail to ex members of the armed forces through this scheme?
  6. That's quite alright. The FORCES1 discount offering 15% off all products is for serving personnel plus dependents. BFPO address required. This discount is open ended until further notice.

    All others wishing a discount may use the code SANTA entitling you to £10 off when you spend £69 or more. This discount expires 24 December 2008.
  7. Really not meaning to be pedantic but items shipped to BFPO addresses should be VAT free. I don't know what the relevant law is but it's the same one that means we don't pay Mwst in Germany. Amazon for one will refund VAT on purchases shipped to BFPO addresses and I believe a few other on-line retailers do as well.
  8. I shall happily check with the retailer in regards to VAT and how this is processed during the checkout process.
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Ok - I have it, so the discount is only available for a very small part of the forces.
  10. At present yes. The difficulty we have from our perspective is because we operate an affiliate program (I'm the freelance affiliate manager) and have hundreds of companies advertising the products (and codes) available we have to ensure that the right code is used for the right sector.

    I would be more than happy to discuss with you and anyone else the best possible way forwards to ensure its availability to all service personnel.

    I'll look into the VAT issue later. I did come across this post however.

    Not sure if this is the final matter on the subject but I shall look into this further.
  11. I shall as mentioned, be chatting to the retailers at a later stage to ensure as wide a possible availability. TBH I can't see any probs delivering to non BFPO addresses for forces personnel as there are plenty of ways to check. I'll seek clarification on it. The discount is not for ex-forces. Wish it was, I'd claim it.

    Also as mentioned. Will look into the VAT issue. Not as clear cut.
  12. Having just corresponded with the retailer I am pleased to confirm that ALL serving members of H M Forces may use the FORCES1 code and that includes personnel in the UK not at a BFPO.

    VAT question referred to HMR&C re: specific product categories within the EU to BFPO (not all are exempt).

    Usual forms reqd for outside EU as per HMR&C guidelines.
  13. Just a heads up.

    This discount promotion is set to expire on 1/1/09.

    If anyone is looking to take advantage of this discount (they also have an extra 10% off sale until the 30th November so double discount to then) I'd suggest making a move to the retailer before then and check them out.