Stand easy, it WAS all about WMD's and HR abuses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 27, 2003.

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  1. ..........NOT

    Iraq halts Russian and Chinese oil deals

    lolololololol and what the State Department tells you of course.

    Any word on how many contracts British companies can expect yet?
  2. This one really fires me up.  A few months ago Parliament was told that if they knew what Tony and George knew about Saddam's WMD then they would be as convinced about going to war as T and G.

    However, Parliament was asked to take this on trust as the material was too sensitive to be put on general release.

    We went to war, we won(ish).  What's to be sensitive about now?  Unless of course the evidence was not quite as compelling as we were led to believe.

    All the warnings about how toothless Parliament has become appear to be absolutely spot on.
  3. The latest news that the PM's spin doctors may have 'got to' the Intelligence Services report in order to make it more convincing does not fill me with confidence that politicians can be trusted.
  4. Whe the infamous British report came out, weren't the Intelligence services saying "What the fcuk?"

    Iraq weapons dossier 'rewritten'

    Look spook blokes, isn't there something you can do, to get yourselves in a better light soonest? I have absolute faith in the boys and girls in Lego towers, but you're letting yourselves get shafted.

    Oh and Journo blokes, get your own ideas for stories, or start putting us on commission  ;D
    Anyway, here's something else for you

    Original author,
    Daniel O'Huigin
    Queens' College,
    The rest of the document is a wheeze as well .....