Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by X-Inf, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Breaking news

    MoD can't provide fire strike cover

    Military personnel may not be able to provide full Green Goddess cover across the country if firefighters vote for a new national strike in a ballot next week, union leaders have claimed.

    Government sources have confirmed that the armed forces will be told to prepare for walk-outs by firefighters, which could start as early as September 7.
    But the Fire Brigades Union said an internal Ministry of Defence memo shows the military needs at least eight weeks to properly prepare for any industrial action.
  2. It's never stopped the MOD before - the shiny arses don't give a toss if the guys are knackered and ill-prepared. If they did, they would have better kit than the Green Goddesses and no IPE.
  3. yeeeeeeeeeees well, actually noooooooo.

    Ever heard the expression Jobsworth? I think you'll find that you could extend this argument as far as saying we wouldnt be ready unless everyone completed the full regular Firefighters course. The point is that the Army is providing emergency cover for basic firefighting and the alternitative for those shiny arses is to say 'oh sorry, just let the fires rage and the civvies die because we arent happy with our full level of training yet'.

    No it isnt ideal. But blame fire fighters who feel that its ok to ransom government with people's lives, dont blame those who are trying to step in to prevent a disaster.

    Oh and before any replies come up about the justice of the firefighters cause, please dont bother. All emergency services work hard for little rumuneration. The firefighters do an awful lot better than any one in the Health Service.

    If you are going to get angry at the Government do it for the right reasons, not because they ask us to do our job and protect the country.
  4. No no no, the real reason is that the other 50% of the troops not out in active theatre will be undergoing "bin lorry training" for when the binmen decide to strike (due to their revulsion at having to actually pick up "refuse").

    Oh and then there's the postal service training for when the posties strike...

    Oh and I hope they taught you how to drive a tube-train-thing because, well, yaknow....
  5. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Beginners course in brain surgery............
  6. The government could always retrain the civil servants the're paying off as emergency cover. Never have to trouble us again.
  7. Beginners Guide to Midwifery (Or how ever you spell). Either way you spend all day looking at and on the recieving end of a C*^T
  8. And you can feck off Sir! :) Im not having one of you blokes deliver The New baby Skjold. :D And I dont care how many weeks prepartory training you have done.
  9. [/b]WEEKS What makes you think the course runs to weeks. Its a 2 day residential. It can't be that hard, all the frock has to do is push!!!!!!!


  10. :lol: 2 days residential. Feck. it takes longer to get fmt`ed up on a Rover. :D
  11. So can I deliver yours then :?: :?: :?:

    I have good hands :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. here we go again!


    You have to feel sorry for the fire fighters. Two day shifts followed by two night shifts and then having to endure four days off!! Bless them. And for having to work this hard for effectively 6 months of the year they only get a miserable £21 000 basic wage + whatever they get from their second incomes.

    Because of these appalling working conditions, only around 50 people apply for every vacancy the fire service have. So if you don’t fancy competing with another 49 people for this kind of slave labour, why not join the Army and compete with yourself for 1 of the 50 posts available to you and all of that for even less than the fire fighters basic wage. BARGAIN!

    Sign below if you want to work for 12 months of the year, have your personal liberties removed from you for anywhere up to 6 months at a time and train for the possibility for dying for a country full of greedy, selfish pathetic individuals who cannot see past the end of their narrow minds (or fire engines)

    Just to re-cap, if you want to work for crap money in all the god-forsaken shit-holes of the world, or provide strike cover, with no recognition, then apply to: The Army, Political Arse House, Seen Off Street, London, **** FBU.

    NAME ____________


    PREFERRED AREA FOR STRIKE COVER __________________________
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seems to be the reason I signed up in the first place, only it was not quite so well explained in the small print. Still quite enjoyed it and if I can get rid of a couple of decades I may try it again.
  14. Agreed...

    Perhaps if they don't like the pay and conditions, they should be collecting their P45 and getting a job in the real world.
  15. tell you what, my brother is not best pleased with the fire shirkers...
    he is currently in the RAF serving in MPA and is due to come home mid sept for disembarkation leave but has already been told he may have to give up his leave and do fire cover.

    lets just say he doesnt like fire shirkers anymore.