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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fluff_eei, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Territorial Army faces deep cuts - Telegraph

    I found the paragraph at the bottom explicitly mentioning how we argued our way out of the recent attempt at cuts particularly interesting. I'd be interested if anyone knows the primary sources the Telegraph are getting these scenarios from?

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  2. who didn't see this coming?

    Edited to add: "a reservist soldier costs more than £15,000". Can anyone give more detail on this
  3. cuts? Did you hear the discussion on radio 4 this morning that was suggesting the Government will transfer some roles from the regulars to the TA to save money, thereby expanding the reserves...?

    There is so much speculation goign round at the minute regarding this review that you should probably flip a coin to choose what you want to believe.
  4. But lets not let the truth get in the way of a good rumour.

    "The TA currently has around 35,000 soldiers, but insiders say several thousand of them are “dead wood” who cannot be deployed on frontline operations." Bin all the MNDs.

    "Running the TA costs almost £500 million every year and each reservist soldier costs more than £15,000, significantly more than each Royal Navy and RAF reservist." Bin the RNR and RAuxAF.

    "The smaller TA will also be more closely integrated with the regular Army. Currently, TA units stand independent of the regular Army, with reservists deployed on an individual basis to full-time units on operations. The review is likely to see full-time Army regiments incorporating entire companies of TA soldiers, which would then be trained and prepared to deploy as complete units." Hybrid units (see 102 Bn REME for example

    "But even with his support, the TA still faces losing around a third of its current strength." Established strength?

    Whatever they decide on it's going to be 18 months down the line before any real change starts hitting units...
  5. An example of skills crossover?
  6. Cost of TA divided by strength of TA = £15K
  7. 20 million about turn - bitter? Chip on shoulder?

  8. Richard Williams was talking about his forthcoming report on the reserves for Policy Exchange. Its published on Thursday - see the flyer below:

    Monday 27th September, 2010
    Territorial Army may be used as stand-alone units in Afghanistan

    The Times references Policy Exchange's upcoming report on restructuring and upgrading the UK's armed forces which proposes expanding the role and number of UK reserve forces on the lines of the US National Guard.

    "Writing in The Times last week, two former SAS commanders, Richard Williams and Graeme Lamb, proposed an increase in the numbers and role of Army reserves along US lines, pointing out that reservists, who cost about a fifth of regular soldiers, make up about half of the US Armed Forces and 40 per cent of the Canadian and Australian militaries. They comprise 20 per cent of the British force.

    In a paper to be released through the Policy Exchange think-tank on Thursday they will argue that Britain should consider a rethink in the balance of regular to reserve Forces, and use the money saved to make forces more agile and high-tech. They point out that the US National Guard flies one third of the F16 fighter jets in American service, while 40 per cent of US Special Forces in Afghanistan are from reserve forces."

    Policy Exchange
  9. I was present at a function when the very senior officer who was the VIP Guest, told told the TA component, that the 20 Million about turn "wouldn't be forgotten".
  10. They have done what everyone else is doing at the moment, picked a topic out of a hat and made it up quoting some anonymous expert (probably some ill informed ramblings from one of the esteemed members on this site) on the way ^_~
  11. Here we go again!! Does any reckon this British NG idea would work??
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    Correct me if i am wrong, but i think the US definintion of US Special Forces is different to the UK one. US SF fulfill a mainly OMLT equiv role, and the more "special" part is done by Delta/Seals etc. In the UK, UKSF is the Delta/Seal equivalent, with OMLT done by regular inf units.
  14. Hmmmmm. I wonder what the basis was for "Cost" ? I imagine that the figure is a "total" cost so....

    If the MOD Budget is £37Bn and that provides 194,000 Regular forces ( Incl RAF & RN) plus 39,000 Reservists then... at £15k each the Reserves cost £585m.

    The Regulars and their kit, buildings and support and incidentals must account for the remaining £36.5Bn - or just over £1.88m each.

    £15k sounds like real value for money to me....
  15. Did anybody read the following from Liam Fox's letter as "Standby 2(NC) Sig Bde"?