Discussion in 'Juniors' started by imported_admin, Jan 14, 2002.

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  1. Adjutant, where are all the troops?

    That's right; the men, the soldiers..

    Ah I see, we only have 3 and they've got 40 Warriors to service before painting the drain pipes in Regimental colours.  Well that makes life easy then, we'll knock out a 20 page directive on the components of fighting thingummybob.  It'll give them something to debate while they're oiling the vehicle bayonets.  Then... we'll go to the mess for the rest of the week.  By the way, have you seen the RSM?  Ah, still helping instruct at the OTC.  He does rather seem to like that; havn't seen him for months.  Now where did I leave my comedy stick thing?
  2. sounds so familiar
  3. Co please. Dont expect to find the guys if you take the Adjt! You only had to ask
  4. 20 men have been seen, trying to glue the leaves back on to trees
  5. why do we have to get our rooms and stuff inspected by the ssm and the sqn ldr and that but noone cheks the pads howses?
  6. Do the soldiers of today actually stand by their beds i think not! i know not should i put.
    Anyway i saw 15 soldiers painting the grass green
  7. Trog, I'm positive I saw you with them aswell!!! :eek:
  8. Nah mate.. he was trying to smoke it!  ;)
  9. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    lostsole - i DOOO hope you men Sqn OC and not Sqn LDR, or you are at the wrong website....
    If you are indeed a Brylcreem Boy, then we will not understand your speak..... ???
  10. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Could be a cav type, they call them Sqn Ldr's too.
  11. Nooooooo i ment Sqn Ldr you REMF probably TA pr*ck. If you had ever been near the teeth arms you would ave known better. now back to your bandaids and first aid dollies.
  12. Trogulus you must be in that civvy ARMY where you REMF worms watch the front line do all the work. Yes I am INF and proud. I hate you civvies in uniform never stop bitching. We still stand by our beds and for a good reason so we can see if the place is clean and secure. With the ARMY comes discipline accept or get your useless fat arrse out onto civvy street where you belong. :mad:
  13. Yeah well. I'm a screw in my 30s and I really resent having to stand inside the door of my bunk and watch my betters examine all my kit. It's MY room, rent paid out of MY wages, and I don't see why other people have a right to come round and comment on the way I live. Any issues of hygiene and security should get sorted out in the block; that's what we've got block Cpls for. That room is my home; it's where I live. Why should somebody be able to come into my home, look around and consent to allowing me to keep it the way it is?What would happen if I tipped up on the QM's doorstep and told him I wanted to inspect his bedroom and rummage through his wardrobes? Just a thought.
  14. I thought the point of block inspections was to check cleanliness and general tidiness. Checking peoples kit is not a block inspection.
    If you want to inspect the QM's living accommodation, put it on Part Ones, with a date & time and go for it! Please keep us all informed as to how it goes will you?
  15. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Living in the block myself i totally agree malky, inspections do smoke the big chap at the best of times.  

    Although as an full screw my room just seems to be looked at through the door now instead of when i was a Gunner and it was lockers open and kit inspected.  so rank does have its privs.   yeah my As*