Stand by, Stand by... Hillsborough Papers Out!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Now then Scousers, time to get your Black Shell Suits on...the Hillsborough Official Docs are out....No doubt their will be the usual outpouring of Liverpudlian Grief.....hoping to pin the Blame on some one.

    Lets see?
  2. Or there could be the result of a long awaited investigation which may find out the truth about what happened.
    Why don't we wait and see?
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  3. 23 years, and how many versions of the truth do we need?
  4. One in which all information is available and is (hopefully, but doubtfully) examined in a subjective manner.
  5. Just one that fits the Scouser view of things and lays the blame elsewhere.
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  6. Bit like Kennedy really, it could run and run, or hit a fence!
  7. Hopefully not - the clue is in the word 'truth'
  8. It was all Thatchers fault, her and Dennis were at the back pushing.
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  9. Shame that it wasn´t the dole que
  10. Maybe there'll be an answer as to why serving police officers were ordered to change their statements because they made the police look bad?

    Or how two CCTV tapes from the ground were stolen from a locked room without anyone ever bothering to investigate?

    Or why a ground with no safety certificate was being used for such a major event?

    Or why of 96 dead people only 14 of them ever made it to a hospital?

    Or why 42 ambulances were kept outside the ground when people inside were dying who could have been saved with basic medical care?

    Or why a cut of time off 1515 was imposed and no evidence after it was taken at the inquests despite statements from serving police officers that people were alive until as late as 1600?
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  11. They should've published it in The Sun!
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  12. Or why no Scouser will ever admit their fans were partially responsible too? Of course they weren't pushing they were queuing nice and neatly all with tickets in their hands.
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  13. Who are you trying to kidd?
  14. As long as no one mentions the allegations that the dead and injured had their property stolen from them as they lay helpless on the ground,we should have a calm and reasoned thread on the subject.
  15. Perhaps my point of view is abit simplistic, The Police numbers were to provide cover for a capacity crowd, however the fan base exeeded that, so the police where overwhemed by people who should not have been there, it was the fan base who caused the the deaths & injuries, yes the police made some poor decisions.

    It was the fan base without tickets who should not have been there, therefore they were the cause and the effect was 96 dead people, if you take away the ticketless fans apart from the usual football violence there would have been no real issue on the Day.

    Perhaps ( being a bit cynical) that the victims families want someone in authority to blame so they can be straight on to
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