Stand by Sgt - Welsh Guards

This would have gone in Seniors but I think more than a Port fine is required.

Oh dear. Now Radio1, (I know it's not exactly classy but it was worth it), is holding auditions all over the country to find a boyfriend for one of their broadcast assistants on the afternoon show. Yesterday they were in Cardiff, there was also audio of him on the radio this afternoon. Think persec has been blown clean out of the water, apparently in the Welsh Guards.

Who is this man known as Dan?
[pedant mode] Three stripes in the Guards does not, necessarily, a sergeant make. [/pedant]

Do L/Sgts have Mess Dress?
Lsgts are full members of the sgts mess in the gds!


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He's a bit of a scruffy individual isn't he? Jacket and waistcoat all crooked! He could have taken a moment to straighten himself out.
He looks like he's thinking.....

This seemed like a good idea yesterday, but the phot is gonna land on ARRSE and once pinged I'm gonna get my arrse reamed

He is a bit lopsided for a guardsman, do you think he was "Refreshed"


Ps that Laura bird is a minga!!
Is his kit in rag order as a result of a barney backstage when he sobered up, tried to do a runner and was heaved on to the stage by the roadies? If so, still no sympathy: let the skinning begin.
The Question is. :?

Did He Bang Her 8O
Looking like that, he probably did.... in the portaloo
Nope, he was rejected by the selection panel... They've been playing random clips from it all day, will post the choicer selections if they play some of his.
The state of his mess dress tells me he must be a walt, that is OUTRAGEOUS, no Guardsman would wear such sloppy sh1te, not even tailored
This has got to be one for the Walt thread. No way is he a guard, have we got any other taff walts, maybe he's all screwed up on sheep dip :)

Did hear him on the radio as the panel thought he might be a walt but he claimed to have his MoD 90 with him and was perpared to show it to would be interesting to see what it looked like :twisted:
thegimp said:
Is the same bloke here in civvies

If so he's a crab, I've no idea what RAF mess dress is, but it would explain his inability to dress himself

Can't be the same bloke, unless the station is making them up - since both had seperate clips played for them. Yeah he offered to show his Mod 90 like... Really hope he's not TA :? . One was definately Guards, they asked him about trooping of the colour and he said he'd be on it. Tis one reason why he failed. Heh.
This guy looks like a walt, his hair looks civi, the jacket is too large, especially the sleeves and the shirt and waistcoat are in rag order. Trying to impress the girl with borrowed mess kit perhaps?
Thats the same guy in both pics and the same name. RAF mess kit is the same horrid blue as their normal kit. Gatta be a Walt.

Unless any of the sites Sheep-worriers know different.

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