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Iraq Rebels Stage More Attacks, Oil Exports Choked

By Alistair Lyon
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - With all Iraq's oil exports halted by sabotage, gunmen killed a top Iraqi oil official on Wednesday in a new blow to an interim government reeling from violence two weeks before U.S.-led occupation formally ends.

The shadowy guerrillas who have choked Iraq's oil lifeline have also intensified a campaign of assassinations and suicide bombings intended to prove that the new Iraqi government cannot hope to assert control after the June 30 handover.

A car bomb attack destroyed an Iraqi police car and a civilian vehicle carrying foreigners in the western city of Ramadi on Wednesday, killing at least four Iraqis.

Witnesses said several foreigners were also believed to be among the casualties. Jabar Humadi, a doctor at Ramadi's main hospital, said four bodies had been brought in after the blast.

Gunmen killed Ghazi Talabani, 70, a senior adviser in Iraq's North Oil Company, in the northern city of Kirkuk, in the latest of many attacks on Iraqis accused by insurgents as collaborating with the U.S.-British occupation.

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