STANAG 6001 English for Multi-National Forces

18 years after handing in my kit I find myself involved with the military once again. I now teach English to the Slovak Armed Forces.
PROBLEM: They have no guidlines or set programmes of what they need to know before being sent on multi-nat ops.

Any of you guys have experience of working with Eastern European Troops?
What language problems did you have?
What do you think they should be taught? - English language NOT basic training please.
Any and all constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for that. We use some of the DLIELC materials but the 30 odd volumes of the full course require considerably more than the 400 hours per cadre we are allowed. The British Campaign and PEP series are more popular with students and teachers here, however, my task is to teach operational military English in the short time I am allocated. What I really need is some input from peolple who have served with multi-nationals as to what they think these troops need to function along side English speaking forces. Teaching my students how to order a burger and a coke from the PX is all very good but would my time be better spent covering subjects such as vehicle searching, indication of targets or logistics procedures? Another factor is that my students want to know how the British Armed Forces do things - not our US allies.
Many thanks anyway.
Thank you for the info.
Eric Atkinson - British Council Poland, who helped develop the Attention and PEP courses has been a great help. We use Campaign almost as a bible.
The BMATT (cz) contact address will come in very handy.

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