Stan to be handed over to the Afghans.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Does Stan know?
  2. It's not even nearly ready for that, what was it all for then? If we're leaving now before the jobs done then everyone died for nothing.

    Brown is a coward.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Brown and Obama are BOTH cowards. Mentally, physically and financially, they are failures and cowards.

    Gordon Brown no longer wants (never did) to fund the armed forces, and we can't win until he does. Obama is the same, and they've both been told by their respective armed forces bosses that they either front the money and do it properly, or get known as the tw@ts who lost the latest Afghan war.

    So, instead of doing the right thing, and getting everyone a bit of a result from the cost in lives and limbs, they are both bailing out. At least they haven't called it a victory yet, but it may yet happen.

    Pair of fcuking disgraces.
  4. Mr Brown said it... marked the beginning of a transition process that would see Afghans take responsibility for the security of their country "district but district and province by province."

    In otherwords, by the end of 2010, the ANA will control a number of localities somewhere in Afghanistan....

    No news, really
  5. The Russians must be laughing their socks off :D

    At least they had the excuse that they were invited in by the communist government of Afghanistan at the time! It was the west's not so covert support in arms & equipment that put the final nail in their coffin!
    Its our own useless politicians that are losing it this time, by doing the reverse, ie. NOT supplying sufficient troops or the right tools to do the job! :?
  6. Stan!, Stan who?, and does he know?.
  7. Disgree, if the ANA aren't up to running a few AOs with ISAF mentors by the end of this year, something would be amiss.
  8. Cholmondley-Warner already did this at 13:34.It wasn't very funny then either.
  9. It will be the 'far flung' corners of 'Stan' that get handed back, not the likes of Helmand etc.
  10. Someone with a quicker brain than me ought to come up with a caption for the pic in the Telegraph, Banksie just looks bemused, Karzai decidedly shifty and Gordy, well, fill your boots.
  11. Appols. Should have gone top Spec savers. Falls on sword.
  12. I knew we were skint, when it is all over I liarbour will be able to merge all the units of the Army in to one uber formation called the Enginfartyreccarmdchute Regt, therby saving ten sqwillion euros and safeguarding the future welfare of all the Afgan immigrants to the Uk who are not doing so well under the new improved Afgan security forces. Cynical you bet!
  13. Wouldn't 250 lives have been saved if "we" had thought of just buying off the fighters in the first place?

    Can someone please tell me how you spell "Danegeld"? ....
  14. Trying to pay off the Taliban!!! Do the Government really think that these people are so shallow to acept monies to give up all that they are fighting for?

    WHAT FCUKING MUPPETS! Of course they are not going to lay down arms, take a few pounds and go back home... WTF