Stan (THE MAN !!!!) ???

After several months of marriage, Marilyn, Stan's lovely new young wife complained to him that she never climaxed during sex (and that... according to her late Grandma "All women are entitled to have an orgasm once in a while.")
Because they lived in such a a small farming community, they worried that people laugh at them and their problem if it became known, especially as the same people had made so much of the fact that Stan was nearly forty years older than Marilyn.
In the end Stan decided that the best person to confide in and ask advice of was the local vet.
The vet didn't have a clue...but he did recall that when he was a young lad, his Mother and Father would fetch large towels and use them to fan a cow that was having difficulty breeding. It cooled the cow down and helped her relax.
Stan went to town and hired a really fit, strong young man to come and wave the towel over him and Marilyn when they were having sex.
After many many attempts Marilyn had still not had an orgasm, so Stan returned to the vet for more advice. The vet suggested that the young man have sex with Marilyn and that Stan should take over the towel waving..... They tried it that same night... Within minutes Marilyn was having wild , screaming, ear splitting orgasm' after another, lasting for two or more hours....
When it was finally over, Stan looked down at the young man, smiled and said in a boastful way......"And that, my son, is how you wave a towel !!!!!!!!!!" :D :D

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