Stan in the Stan banns junk food!!!!

General Stanley McChrystal is banning junk food and other perks from the bases in Kabul and Kandahar, apparently.

The Times

There will be some unhappy peeps :twisted:
Mr_Deputy said:
Colonel Saunders will have words to say about this.
Quote from the Times:

"The changes are unlikely to have much effect on British troops. Camp Bastion has a Pizza Hut and a van outside the Naafi offering takeaway vindaloos."

mmm.. most of the people queing at Pizza Hut were Americans. Mind you it tasted alright, but then it was closed for "cleaning ". The septics were also getting into the curry as well. Like the idea of calling it a van though, makes it sound like a dodgy kebab stall, oh yeah maybe that was it.
Times said:
The decision is likely to appal the rear echelon soldiers stationed on bases the size of small cities but it has been welcomed by some of the frontline forces stuck in sparse combat outposts without fresh food or running water.
Yeah, because frontline troops who manage to get couple of days break in KAF are going to be really impressed.
Thankfully if the yanks go the Canadian Ice Cream shop and Timmy Hortons, the Dutch Echos and British Heroes burger bar will still meet demand.

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