Stamped SRG ?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armourer, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. Any ideas: Stamped on the backstrap of a Webley .455 is SRG 1050 the Webley is dated 1916 and was possibly a private purchase revolver to a A. HENDRSON
    Lt RGA (Royal Garrison Artillery)

    Can't think what the SRG 1050 means
  2. Special Revolver G? maybe grain. Dunno, just a thought.

    Google suggested, in amongst all the cricket results,

    "Special Republican Guard"

    I think 1916 is a little early for that though.
  3. Stores Return Group

    With the high death rate during the first world war, the dept of ordnance needed some way of accounting for all the left over bits of kit.

    So the QM looked at the bit of kit saw where it had to go, to be put back into circualation. If it wasnt required by him.
  4. SRG, my apoligies but I have know idea what it means.

    I was drunk when I wrote the above. :roll:
  5. I reckon it stands for Sidearm Radway Green and the 1050 is simply the serial number. Radway Green became sole suppliers to Royal Ordnance and I suspect it was issued to him not privately purchased. :wink:
  6. Sad sad individual.... you really do need to get out more
  7. :lol: Sadly no Easy more of an educated guess as I've still got my great Grandfathers WW1 Webley...............i hate gun nutters just as much as the next man mate :wink: