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Stamp Out Online Echo Chambers

So Thailand has scenery, cuisine and sensible internet restrictions going for it.
I think they got arsey about the Mail claiming the king before the current one was only king because he bumped off his predecessor.
Flipping heck!

It's not often you get a post written like that.
Whether it's moonhowlery or not, I enjoyed your musings and the perspective you came from, and agree with many points made.
I got as far as "It's not the end of arrse" before losing the will to live.
Downside is you get twenty tweets an hour from Elon Musk calling you a nonce if you stay more than a week.
well eventually there is a chance he'll be right.

(quite a high chance to be fair)
Would her definition of 'echo chambers' include articles on the Guardian website where comment is free - but only if you express total support of the views of the author?
"You may wonder what could bring Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry, David Lammy, Jacob Rees-Mogg and other senior MPs from across parliament together at the moment. Yet they are all sponsoring a bill I’m proposing that will tackle online hate, fake news and radicalisation. It’s because, day-in day-out, whatever side of an argument we are on, we see the pervasive impact of abuse and hate online – and increasingly offline, too.

Why I am seeking to stamp out online echo chambers of hate | Lucy Powell

Why did she publish in The Guardian?

"Powell began her career working as a parliamentary assistant for Beverley Hughes MP after having worked at the Labour Party Headquarters in Millbank Tower during the 1997 general election campaign.[4]
She joined the pro-Euro and pro-EU Treaty pressure group Britain in Europe (BiE) originally in a role and later as head of regional campaigning.[5]
Then she worked for the non-departmental public body or quango NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) initially in a public affairs role and later to establish and manage the Manchester Innovation Fund project.[citation needed]
From May 2010 to September 2010 Powell managed Ed Miliband's successful campaign for the Labour Party leadership.[7]
She served as Miliband's acting and later deputy chief of staff from September 2010 to April 2012.[citation needed] She was selected by the local Constituency Labour Party (CLP) in April 2012 for the 15 November 2012 Manchester Central by-election. "
Lucy Powell - Wikipedia

So why does a professional politician jump on a currently hot topic, opining the current received wisdom?
Could it be to give her career a nudge forward?
Can you have echo chambers in normal life? What consequences are there? How does it effect the ways things are viewed or how past events are remembered? Is the recollection of past events prone to Groupthink? Can it occur in a clique?

Echo chamber (media) - Wikipedia

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