Stamford homes, Advice needed.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone had experience with Stamford Homes? They now have a shop at JHQ. I'm looking at making the leap into the housing market and would like to know if this company are as good as they say, have a look here;
  2. I have no experience of them but if you don't have to buy a house at the moment, I suggest thinking very hard about the decision. I think house prices are now falling in the shires, but this is masked in the indices by the effect of this year's bonuses on the London market.

  3. Its a Nightmare, 12 people say anytime is a good time to Buy, but the other 12 say we are on the brink of house prices decreasing. Thanks for the Advice Litotes.
  4. I'm afraid you are contending with the same issue as many thousands of others at any given time, Moon. Your own circumstances will be a big deciding factor (ie necessity, affordability etc). But ultimately, if anyone knew for sure what the housing market was about to do then they would probably be cashing in on it and not telling others.
  5. If you want to know a buyers view..please pm me...I am in the process of buying with stamford homes and it works ok for me...but it really depends on yr own situation..
  6. I was based in Germany during the late 80s when there was a housing boom in both the UK and Germany. Everyone (apart from one gold-bug) told me that property was the "must have" investment and people were driving back at the weekend to view houses. I thought it was madness then, and said so, because the Conservative Government was driving up interest rates to try and slow down the boom (I thought). I later found that they were trying to shadow the Deutschemark using interest rates. Over the next 3 years, the boom turned to bust as UK interest rates rose to 12%. Between 1991 and 1995, you couldn't give UK houses away!

    In Germany, the exuberance of reunion took an almight cold bath as West Germany Gmbh took over East Germany Gmbh and massively overpaid for the privilege. Joining the Euro was then just a lesson in sado-masochism! Germany is really only just recovering from those massive binges.

    And I won't discuss Japan where the excesses of the 1980s are only just being worked out after 15 years of recession and dirt-cheap money (which is why the rest of the world is at the end of a massive boom which is likely to end in tears).

    All I can promise you is that boom follows bust follows boom, and so on. And now I think we are heading for a fall - after 15 years of the good times.

    If you find a nice house in a good location where you can find employment and good schools, AND you can afford to live there for 5-10 years on a fixed interest mortgage, then buy the house, close the door on this mad world and you will not be sorry.

    Speculate at this stage in the cycle and I promise that you will get your fingers burned. The gearing on a house purchase works both ways.

    Just my opinions and I am happy to be proved wrong, but at the moment, I am short and very happy.

  7. MMS

    I bought a brand new home through Stamford home in 1999, with loads of forces discounts and I'm currently in the process of getting another Stamford built house (not brand new). PM sent with further details.

  8. I have a Stamford Homes house - they give you a genuine 5% discount and are very good.

    You have to go with their mortgage advisors when you buy, but can change before you complete if you find a better deal. PM me for more details - happy to give you a ring if you want to chat about the company.
  9. Don't know anything about Stamford Homes, but bear in mind you pay a premium for a brand new house ie you might get more house for your money buying second hand. As a first time buyer you should also find yourself in a strong negotiating position.
  10. MMS - my advice is to get on the housing ladder as early as possible. The most recent house price survey carried out by one of the larger research teams expects UK house prices to rise by 4-5% per annum over the next 20 years. You have to look at it as a long term investment and ignore the inevitable short term blips.

    Sorry, know nothing about Stamford personally.