A beautiful, busty blonde speach therapist has three students who stammer, an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman. No matter what she tries they can't get rid of their stammers so, in a last ditch attempt, she orders them to strip. She then does likewise and standing there naked and gorgeous tells them that she will make love to whoever can say the name of their home town without stammering.

The Englishman goes first; "Bir-Bir-Bir-Birm-mmm-mmm-Birmingham".

The Scot goes next; "Du-Du-Du-Dun-Dunfer-fer-fer-Dunferm-mmm-mmm-Dunfermline".

The Irishman shouts out "London" at which point the therapist jumps on him and makes mad passionate love to him. As they both reach a climax, Paddy starts shouting "D-D-D-Der-Der-DERRY"

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