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Can you all just stop it please? I have enough evidence on all of you now and I will pass all photos on to the Big J if you don't pack it in.

You'd be in seriously big trouble if I passed them on to Bigbird and Boots and Boozy though. Hark at me with my alphapathetic thing.

Yes Padders, you were next on my list, and 5A, you are more than welcome to the link as long as you use it wisely Padawan.

Note to self chaps, don't send me nuddy/half nekked photos or links to them. It will end in tears, and I am not the slightest bit interested in how ripped you are.

Have I made myself clear?

I thank you kindly.

Lady Dale of Snailsville xxx

Maguire - kinky photos of you are also welcome, as are RHM's.
You are missing a trick here. Setup a website "SuperAttractiveSoldiers.com" with all the photos on and charge £9.99 a Month Membership. Before long you will be a porn queen and be able to afford a dozen sex slaves to wander aound your penthouse in nothing but a dpm thong.

All I ask as your agent is 5% and the film rights.
can't remember sending you a nekkid pic of meself ! if i have, the world wouldn't be ready for such a sight.....life is cruel enough.
Her first post suggests she has more than one stalker. I reckon names should be published, and the photos separately, and then we can try and match up usernames with photos.

Should be mildly amusing.

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