Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jimbleep, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Some crazy bitch keeps texting me and calling me and she just parked her car outside my house and told me to come to the window and wave.

    More's the pity that I can't "borrow" my rifle for an evening. I'm not asking what to do - because I know what to do: Promise her all the things she wants in her deranged reality devoid of reason, lure her into my house then kill her and bury the body under my porch. Question is: HOW to dispatch of said crazy-wench?
  2. How come she got your mobile number and address to start with?
  3. You're going to get your end away first right? At least get that pleasure before you take a shovel to her face. Under the patio is the retro way to go, if not try eating the evidence?
  4. Is it Pentwyn?
  5. More to the point....

    She willing to let you take degrading pics and post them on the internet?
  6. You could skin her, sew her skin back together and wear her skin and pretend to be her.
    Not quite sure about the bone, muscle and the rest but pretending to be her by wearing her full skin would be abit of a larf!
  7. Wanna copy some of her texts into this thread, give us all a laff?
  8. Better yet, if you have a video phone, video her getting bricks flung at her head.
  9. No idea how she got my contact details, I think she lurks with people who know who I am which is a bit kack! I'm thinking that I must give her one - I feel I owe her that 1 final pleasure (if only in a congratulatory way for managing to track me down and drive to my house at 00:18).

    I'm thinking something along the lines of landmines and a game of frisbee.

    message recieved at 00:14: "Lol. Did u see me? We were sitting outside! Hehe! Nite hun. Tb.xXx"
  10. Why not text her and ask if she's into bondage.....

    Invite her in, gag and tie her up, then fcuk off to bed....
  11. "Lol. Did u see me? We were sitting outside! Hehe! Nite hun. Tb.xXx"

    We? Theres more than one of them? They twins? or did she bring her pimp......
  12. I don't know - I think she brought her accomplice (the person who showed her where I live). They're gonna get their face panned in when I find out who it was!

    All of these suggestions are valid. Bondage, degrading photos, bricks to the head then wearing her skin - all captured in 2.0megapixel glory! Daft bitch... I suppose it's a wasted opportunity if I just hide.
  13. Do mouth wands work on mobiles?
    I imagine her phone would slide all over the place as she tried to push the keys :?
  14. How about asking if you can shave her, then spray her mad-womans bits liberally with Hai Karate........
  15. You've got to do better than my mission to sh@g a tramp.
    The best bet is get pics and or vids that you can for arrse entertainment or counter stalk her by waiting outside her gaff but in the not so pleasant stalker way.