Stalker and Sampson reports to be released to the coroner

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by T.F.R, Dec 5, 2007.

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    I am not sure how much use any of the reports will be to further the "cause" as the Stevens enquiry reported that certain pieces of evidence which he believed to be incriminating were lost/misplaced/burned in a fire. IIRC the findings of both Stevens and Stalker were accusatory but inconclusive.

    It will be interesting to see the PR value gained/manipulated once Sinn Fein get there teeth into this.

    So far there have been no cries of Innocents killed etc, but will the enquiry lead to Apologies and a nice wad of compensation for the bereaved families/IRA/Sinn Fein coffers. It is still early days on this enquiry and a block may be placed on certain items.
  2. Watched the interview with the cnuts, from my county on it complaining!
  3. Maybe Swiss Des could say "sorry"
  4. I doubt that, lives close to me, thankfully never seen him.
  5. what really gets me is that they all knew what their families were up to. For Tommy Carrol to scream murder for what happened to Seamus Grew and Roddy Carrol up in mullacreevie park is rich to say the least, when you consider that those two murdered with impunity. (im actually surprised that Dessie Grew has not recieved a mention yet).

  6. The both of them live basically close to me. A day to celebrate once Dessie got slotted :D. Deserved him right, Once you know the stuff he got up to! Roddy was Sinn Fein, as typical backing up terrorist scumbags! Made my blood boil, once them two idiots were on the Television!