Stalker 2 : Clear Sky £10 in Game


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this is in the sale right now in Game - cheapest it seems to be anywhere on the web is £15. any players of this or the original on here?


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Lked the original


both games are good - prefered the original meself.

if you get clear sky though, i'd get it patched up before playing as the vanilla release had/has alot of bugs.
Agreed, Clear Sky out of the box is the most appallingly bug-ridden crock I've ever tried to play. I lost count of the number of time it crashed on me before I gave up and patched it. I thought the ending was a bit of an anti-climax and the original far better, but there are some good features I really like, such as the ability to have weapons and equipment repaired and upgraded throughout the game as well as buying new.

Mind you, for a tenner it's good value and it'll keep you occupied for a bit.


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The original promised so much and delivered very little. It was good, as shooters go, but in the end it offered nothing new. The initial talk of completely open gameplay, no zoning, "see it and go there" terrain... failed miserably.

Still, it's a chuckle online.

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