Stalinist Marxist Democrats ?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tehori, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Damn a couple of those Stalinist, Marxist,
    Democratic types have got the damn cheek to have MOH next to their names, now this cannot be right, speak to any true conservative and they will tell you those damn liberals avoided any tiff.
    Unlike those true heroes Hannity and co.

    So how come there seems to be a damn sight more Democratic Senators who have been in uniform/combat than Republicans ?
    Or has the chickenhawk list been swapped
    around ?
    Makes interesting reading the way it is .
  2. Are you on crack?
  3. Give a damn about their gong collection old boy. What can they do for the collective as politicians? Skim the cream, handouts for scroungers and tax those that work for a living?

    Ten years from now the US should have their very own breed of Chav to show off to the world on YouTube.
  4. Perhaps because they really have been around etc, rather than done a bit of home guard service they understand better than most that conflicts should be avoided, just my thought after having met so many of the old and bold that now have pacifist leanings
  5. A tad bit biased site you are hanging your hat on...

    try this instead as it doesn't lump in non-elected people such as Rush and Pat Robertson, etc...
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Can a Stalinist Marxist be a Democrat, aren't they a contradiction?
  7. US Democrat's model themselves after European socialist's. They're all basically Marxist in aspiration anyway.
  8. Actually, thanks for this - after posting the above picture, I was motivated to read the wiki page about tumbleweeds (or Salsola, which is native to the Ukraine and has spread out to the rest of the world).

    So I now know that tumbleweeds can be ground down into flour; were introduced into America as a form of food for cattle during periods of drought and ability to thrive in salt heavy environments; and are actually living organisms, despite being able to blow around.


    In case anybody else is interested...
  9. Wow, this might actually be the most retarded thread that Trip_wire hasn't contributed to.
  10. Only because it didn't show up on his super secret, speciual farces, secret hand shake forum first!