Stalingrad, How the Red Army Triumphed. By Michael K Jones

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Buratino, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Published in 2007 so likely some have read this by now. This should be read as a book to fill in the gaps of Antony Beevor's book and to give a more balanced perspective. Most books about "Eastern Front" are from German point of view, or sympathetic to them to a degree. This book is interesting because the author had access to the war diary of 62nd Army, not removed from secret list until after Beevor's book was published. Also the author was able, unlike Beevor, to interview General Chuikov's cheif of staff, Anatoly Mereshko, very old but mentally alert. He also interviewed Chuikov's family and had access to his papers, photos etc. This book is a very good read, full of anecdotes from those who were there, many of them grim, but some funny. In my opinion this book should be read in conjunction with Beevor's. Together they are as close to reality as is possible until ALL the secret papers are released