Stalingrad - day by day.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BattlefieldsTrust, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. OK this is a bit of a shameless plug for our next lunchtime event on 8th October. Dr Michael Jones is going to talk about the East Front. "Total War: With the Red Army from Stalingrad to Berlin. Book Via the just giving page linked from this facebook page
    Unfortunately the ARRSE parser converts part of the URL of the Just giving page into a smiley. many apologies if you have reached a broken link. The event takes place in the Fusiliers Officers Mess at HM Tower of London 12.30-14.00 on 8th October. We are hosted by the Fusiliers Musuem.

    I found some interesting material on the Battle for Stalingrad.

    Here is the New York Times 10th September 1942
    What was in the news 70 years ago?
  2. 70 years, surely?
  3. Very apt to talk about the "Eats Front" at a lunchtime event. Surely Gordon Ramsay should be the guest speaker? :)
  4. I was actually thinking of a trip to Volgograd for the 70th anniversary commemorations, googled them only to find that they'd already happened back in June, I guess when the German offensive into the Caucasus began. :(
  5. Its probably when the weather is nicer or the river higher.
  6. Here is a link to a page with some maps showing deployments overlaid onto aerial photos

    Stalingrad Day by Day
  7. Here is a link to some aerial photos taken in the battle for Stalingrad, including two photos taken 70 years ago today of German infantry moving up

    Stalingrad Close up

    Do come to our Lunch event on 8th October! All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Just Giving page.
  8. "20
    Heavy fighting is reported near and IN the grain elevator.Germans and Russians are so close to
    each other that they here each other breathing.
    " diary entry The Battle for Stalingrad.

    German propanganda pamplet.
    German Leaflets 1.

    Interesting site
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    on your just giving page currently - 'We're really sorry − there's a temporary problem.'

    where is this event?

    and on a side note, anyone read Beevor's 'Stalingrad'? I thoroughly enjoyed it. painted an incredibly vivid picture of the events I thought.
  10. Many thanks for point out the probem. I was wonderign why no one had booked.

    I am very sorry the ARRSE Parser insists on turning part of the Just Giving page URL into a smiley face and I donlt think I can turn this off.

    You can reach the Just giving page via the link on our facebook page here.
    Battlefield Trust Lunchtime London Lectures | Facebook
    The event takes place in the Fusiliers Offciers Mess at HM Tower of London 12.30-14.00 on 8th October. We are hosted by the Fusiliers Musuem.