STALAG XIB 357. memorial weekend

its coming round again to that time of year when we remember the liberation of the pow camps here in fallingbostel, stalag xib and stalag 357.
or xid.this year we hope to unveil a plaque on the memorial wall to the polish pows, both those captured in 1939 and those captured in the warsaw uprising who were prisoners that end we are looking to contact any old pows from those camps who would like to attend the weekend in april--19-20th.if anyone knows of any ,airman or soldier or even navy who was a pow here, please pass on the word and our web address.
they will find our details in the forum so we can ring them and arrange it.
allied pows are also most welcome..france, belgium-usa-australia-new zealand-czech-ect ect...
any ex para pows also most welcome as are all regiments pows..
there were 97,000 of you at the time in stalag xib and 357...
if you would like to come back.. please get in touch.

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