Staggering to War in the Falklands?

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by IronDuke99, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Please avoid turning this thread into another online Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
  2. If the rest of the "civilised world" keep their noses out then there should be no problem. As various threads have concluded the Argies don't have the capability to launch a (successful) unilateral offensive. Should any of the other Conquistadors wish to join in then you'd hope that the only decision for Uncle Sam was whether USN support was covert or overt, but with Obama at the helm I wouldn't bank on it.

    If I were the Argies and wishing to head that off then offering future oil concessions to the US Gov would be a tempting option.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's a great article. I would suggest that any British government would have the unqualified and solid backing of the British people once again if, once again, the Falklands came under attack from Argentina, with or without their allies in South America.

    I've said the same thing in another thread: The Falkland Islands are sovereign British territory, with the Islanders resolute in their wish to remain British. That then is a done deal. Add the suspected 60 billion barrels of oil in the Falkland Island territories and it's a fait accompli - we should never give it up.

    The fact remains that Argentina continues to militarily threaten our sovereign territory, and it's the only part of worldwide British territory under such threat. To defend against that territorial threat is the Government's obligation, because it's not just territorial, it's an economic threat too. If Argentina gets those islands, a long term economc lifeline for both the Islanders and the UK as a whole is lost, as well as our international prestige and standing.

    To defend against this threat, we need fast jets, carriers, other warships, chinooks, apaches, heavy lift aircraft, missiles, APC's, light and/or heavy tanks, artillery - basically, we need a fully functional army, navy and airforce with nowt taken out.

    If we lost a war to keep the Falklands against a multinational army from South America, history and the British people in the Falklands and the UK will never forgive our leaders and the penny-pinching fucktards in the Treasury for saving a few billion in defence in the short term, but failing to defend British subjects and British sovereignty, not to mention costing the UK hundreds of billions in oil revenues in the long term.
  4. I like the referance to the UN Decolonisation Comittee, at first I was a bit suspect until I read this on it's site:

    Oh, and their website is a complete dogs breakfast and can be found here: The United Nations and Decolonization
  5. One of our T45's will take a jolly down south soon enough to remind the spicks just how outclassed they really are.
  6. My old man, who to be fair was a man of few words repeatedly called it a 'shithole' that people thousands of miles away romanticised and that he would swap it for his absent friends in a heartbeat. To be fair we were drunk, and Phil Collins massive hit 'Against All Odds' was playing softly in the background.
  7. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    That only makes sence if there was an indigeous population, but there was not in the Falkland Islands, in fact at the time the Americans kicked the Dagos out the majority were probably American Whalers and Sealers
  8. This is one British Overseas Territory, probably with energy assets, that the new RN Queen Elizabeth class Carriers would be ideal to defend.
  9. And plus the islanders have exercised their right to self-determination, and they have self-determined to remain British.

    Meanwhile, the Argentinians wish to colonise them and subject them to the rule of an unwanted foreign power under the mom of decolonisation. How ironic and un-self-aware can you get?
  10. From the link -

    "No independent country in Latin America and the Caribbean supports Britain’s position that the islanders should have the right of self-determination in how they are governed."

    Quite telling that. Kinda goes against UN principals too.
  11. Read: "self-determination doesn't count if we want to colonise the bit of territory in question"
  12. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    There is also the fact that they signed the Islands over to us to pay off their debts in London in the 1840s
  13. Interesting to see that the Argentine Navy intend bringing nuclear powered ships into service.

    Could that present us with an interesting dilema if one or more of those ships were to sail into Falklands' territorial waters and stake their claim? Would we, in the cold light of day, be prepared to attack a nuclear powered vessel? Notwithstanding the fact that we could be in danger of contaminating our own territory, we would really stir up a hornets nest with the rest of South America. Hugo Chavez is flakey at the best of times and is allready ranting about our colonial ambitions, it wouldn't take much for the rest to rally behind Argentina.

  14. It would be an interesting SINKEX for a prowling Astute.;P