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A ruler? Luxury!

I didn't post my stag list as my Toms probably have different names to your Toms (or are all Toms the same?)
F uck me fella i wouldn't use the term "RULER" to loosely, the bods up the training wing will string you up by the knackers and f uck you sideways.

Maybe then they'll ask you to use the term "RULE".........
Lancialfa said:
Afternoon all,

Does anyone have a printable copy of a stag rosta..

Thanks in advance
Jesus wept! As The_Duke said, rip a page out of your notebook and just write...yes, I know it's an old-fashioned concept....the stag list out!

It's not difficult, if you have any difficulties, just pop into your local nursery school and the in-mates will help you out. :roll:

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