Stag Weekend question.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Three weeks time.Stag weekend.On a 'plane for 90 mins.Does anyone know of foodstuffs that guarantee that I will be able to share some farts with others on the 'plane.I really need things that will achieve the status of "things that have crawled up my arrse and died" Thanks.
  2. buy a cheap protein powder, stop eating 2 hours before you get on the plane, drink the shake at the same time. sit near the emergency exit.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Jerusalem Artichokes!I gather they are the best for rancid bum gas, & Asparagus makes your wee green & smelly too.(unconfirmed tho cause I'm allergic to them)
  4. Do you lot know nothing??

    Pea and Ham soup for goodness sake!!!

    For quickness though, boiled eggs at least two, and even after two days on the razz your sphincter should still be able to handle anything that wants to exit.

    With any luck you won't have to take your arrse for a pis.s. using these methods.

    Enjoy the Stag do. :D :D

    (mind you if you were "really" a mate you'd have talked yer pal out of getting married in the first place).
  5. Why don't you just sh1t yourself?? No only is it for winners, but it's the sport of Kings!
  6. Pickled eggs........
  7. Thanks guys.
    Sparks,this is his third attempt.This time "it's forever!" Yeah right.
    Besides,he's paying for the trip,so I really don't care!
  8. Is he mad??
  9. No way vvaannmmaann!!! Third time!!??

    Have you tried using dark light (UV) on his forehead? Does it say "MUG"??

    This time it's for keeps lmfao Vanny. Aye he'll be kept as poor as a church mouse. Think the wedding's expensive, wait till their divorce.

    Oh... The Stag weekend's paid for!! Well, that's different... :D
  10. After a heavy Saturday Night my brother and I used to go to the local on a Sunday and drink Mann's Brown. After a couple of hours the farts were the most obnoxious and persistent imaginable!
  11. Home made lentil soup . Two or three large platefuls beginning a couple of days before you go and you are guaranteed to make a lasting em.......impression.

    Boiled eggs, boiled cabbage , Brussels sprouts will all lead to the same outcome...................a plane load of unhappy holidaymakers

    oh as will Bombay potatoes................enjoy :wink:
  12. Flo my darling!!!

    How could I forget Boiled Cabbage (the food of the Gods) and Bombay Potatoes??? Doh!!!

    Many years ago if ye went to the ABC Cinema in Falkirk (opposite the Argyll Bar) you used to be able to see Cinema ads for the Taj Mahal (behind Tesco/bus station nr Callander Road).

    Much better than Westlers tbh. The Pearl n Dean soundbite (is that the right word/phrase?) meant the film was next.

    Happy Days..
  13. Sprout curry with a couple of pints of any real ale
  14. Cool Original Doritos and Irn Bru normally does the trick for me. But the hard-boiled eggs are useful for getting a decent nose on your trumps.
  15. Pot Noodles do the trick