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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_gun, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. My neighbour decided to tie the knot and today informed me of the location of the Stag do.

    He's decided on Lisbon Portugal for a few days.

    It was over 20 years ago in my AMF(L) days that i went to this city. I remember some well dodgy places that only squaddies manage to find and had some good times.

    Has anybody been recently that can point us in the direction of the type of entertainment suitable for a mad weekend.
  2. Say hi to maddie for me. :twisted:
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Maddie was just a stroll on the dark side you bold whore. Dont brag.

    Blotty and I spent a lovely week in Lisbon just last August. The gay quarter (North of the fishermans Quay - ask anybody) is a pure delight. Look for the silver and turquoise jewelry shops and the TO DIE FOR macrame boutiques just South of Pria Del Faggitosa.

    Enjoy and PM me the piccies?
  4. My pleasure!

    Simply head in a direction of 045 for 1400nm and that will land you nicely in the Czech Republic.
  5. We've all done that a few times. Thought we'd try somewhere different.
  6. dont mention the united result
  7. No, you've got to do it in style like we did.

    14 matelot's, pongo's/ex-pongo's. Stag do in Prague-absolutely fantastic weekend. Right up until Easyjet canceled the flight back and the only available flights were 3 days later which would've suited me if it weren't for the fact I had to brief a 2* on the Monday morning and I didn't fancy upsetting him...

    So we hired a taxi-bus to take us from Prague to Frankfurt and got a BA flight from there. The best part? We forced Easyjet to refund us our entire taxi and flight costs of around £250 each. The Easyjet flight only cost us £60-serves the cunt's right for fcuking us about.

    The worst part? The Czech taxi driver nearly killing us on the sliproad into Frankfurt airport by narrowly missing a big fcuk off metal post at 80 mph but you live and learn I suppose. 8O

    The groom will never forget that weekend :D

    Fcuk Portugal off and go to Prague!!!!

    I'm off to Riga in late Nov for a pishup as I've hear some very good things about there.

    I've also heard that Klaipeda in Lithuania was a very good place to go as well. Lots and lots of snagginess so I've been told and it's somewhere different!
  8. My mates did Klaipeda a couple of weeks back. From what they said i really wouldn't bother to be honest.

    It seems any large group of lads get their own personal photgrapher in a long leather coat (Cops). They were watched like hawks right up until they left.

    It had the usual Lapdance bars but nothing special. Not such a good time.

    I know what you mean though Matelot, I've done Lisbon twice and tried to put him off but to no avail. So, trying to make the best of a place i'd rather not go to.
  9. Lisbon truly is a gash run ashore IMO.

    Best ones are all in the Eastern bloc countries.

    Best ever was in Sopot in Poland, just down the road from Gydinia. Take £20, convert it into a 2 inch thick wad of Zlotys- set off out on the piss at 14:00, eat a shedload of bbq chicken, go whoring then spend all night at the open air nightclub full of divs Swede chicks.Spend rest of night and early morning pin-balling around said club drinking the world's cheapest, and finest vodka then realise-you actually have to be somewhere else in the morning. Finally arrive back onboard at 10am, 3 hours late and have remainder of leave stopped whilst docked there...Stick with nearly an inch of Zlotys left which cannot be changed outside Poland.

    Great place!
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Isnt Poland full of Germans? They did invade if memory serves?

    I have always found Lewes in Sussex a most agreeable spot for a Stag Do. And if one times it right, Glyndebourne. Ah, rapture.

    Toredore get yourself a job
    sign off the dole
    amount to something in life
    You're always down the bookies or the bar
    you'll come to a bad end
    I should have listened to
    Me dear old Mum
    She really had you sussed.

    Opera. Just the ticket for a lads night out.
  11. I recently went to Dublin on my now brother in law's stag, absafuckinglootley fantastic! expensive but great.

    just an old fashioned boozey weekend (4 days) but my God did I suffer for it after!
  12. There are a load of good bars in Lisbon but I don't reckon it would be much good for a stag do, for the main reasons that there's not a big drinking culture there, the beer comes in very small glasses (less than a half) and most of the bars are tiny.

    If you must go... there are any number of bars in the Bairro Alto - you can find them just wandering around. They are mostly tiny though so if you are taking a big mob... you might be better off heading to the bars at Alcantara docks, just out of the centre from Cais do Sodre.

    You could also try Cascais - about 20-30 mins on the train, to the seaside. Nice place with some suitable bars on the square.

    The most important vocab is "caneca", to get a sensibly-sized beer.

    I still agree with everyone else that you'd be better off going to E Europe, though.
  13. 48 Hrs on the gate at Pirbright. Cheap as chips and no need to worry about dressing up.
  14. the-matelot, I live in Riga, I can confirm it is a pretty fair place. PM me for details if you want.
  15. Get down to the docks, a few pubs, a half decent Irish bar, food etc. All within 100m of each other.

    Riga, quality
    Talin, quality
    Prague, quality
    Warsaw, quality