Stag pranks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Gentle spoons,

    Any ideas for what we can do to an ex bill oddie on his stag do. As in challenges for him to complete, so far I have;

    Kiss a woman twice his age on the lips with tongue.
    Kiss a ginger minger (girl) on the lips, tongue optional, mingyness to be decided by the best man!
    Dance with a spastic (mental or physical disabled person)
    Get a photo taken with a willing police woman in uniform
    Go to Woolworths and buy exactly 24p worth of pick and mix (not as easy as it sounds) whilst whistling I’m too sexy for my shirt!
    Get a free kebab
    Dance on a bar in the afternoon!
    Buy an old drunk a pint and chat to him whilst he drinks it.
    Ask an angry loner the time and then say “nah, cant be your watch is obviously shite”
    Swap shirts with a fit girl
    Swap underpants with a different girl.
    Ask a group of people for directions to somewhere (anywhere) then walk of in completely the opposite direction.
    Kiss someone old, someone new, someone borrowed and someone blue
    Take control of the microphone and sing “I’m getting married in the morning” or “going to the chapel”
    Break dance to some rubbish song. (group can pick the song)

    cheers chaps!
  2. I like the break dance one but you should stipulate that he has to pop his body to something like "I will always love you" by Whitney houston or that one out of titanic by the horse faced Canadian trollop. Imagine if you will; a dance floor full of smooching couples while he does his robotic steps and ultimately goes into a very feeble spin? Priceless.
  3. wooohooohooo! you're a wild one. Why not all his mates get together, shag his wife to be, video it, tie him up and make him watch it?
  4. Make sure no-one turns up on the night, leaving the stag to sit alone contemplating life. Then secretly re-arrange it for another date ... in Thailand perhaps.

    Just make sure the stag doesn't commit suicide, in between, because he thinks he's a billy-no-bezzas.
  5. How about getting hold of his mobile and re-recording his ring tone to "You're a Cock, You're a cock, you're a cock" then also changing his greeting message on the phone to Cock and waiting till he's in Venice before he finds it!
  6. Your not funny!

    And my mam was there!

    she was furious!

  7. Mwahahahahahaha!

    OK...serious one then....could you not set him up with some sexy bhint of an air hostess and then let her find some torn out ad from a local newspaper advertising cures for small penises and erectile dysfunction? Just think of the look on her face as she looks at him with pitying eyes!
  8. your quite wild yourself, eh? mental!

    fancy coming?

    where going to Tialand?
  9. yeah ok so I fell for the penis drama one, but she was not good looking!
    she had a face like a bee keepers apprentice.

    I still would of like
  10. never again, all those photos came out, caused me no end of trouble. Something about a register or something.
  11. Why dont you all gang rape him video it and send it to the bride to be