stag on happy campers

i would just like to to say to my fellow ai's who are going up north next week for camp,"stag on troops" just think off all those bin men prentending to be good officers for two weeks(nothing against bin men ,my dad was one).
i shall be sat at home eating pies, ice cream and drinking coffee and ticking of my chuff chart,days to do are getting few!!
i hear the guardroom is quite nice this time off year!! even better if you can get a guard on the first day(always a good one), or come of guard the morning you are to deploy into the field( my fav) or come of a days r&r and then get fast balled for a guard because some mongs monged it big time(every ones fav)
and even better get a guard on the last day,get given 2 mins to pack your kit(canyt do it night before as all the cadets are monging it and all the ai's are pissed again) and then the coach is due to leave ,your kits on the wrong coach and your still stagging on . oh the joys of camp
Speaking as someone 'up north', it's all beautiful.

Incidentally, which camp are you staying at?


stag on well you do get payed for it stop moaning.

i would rather stag on than be the guard commander.
at my place i worked it out stagging on you get 16 hours off.
guard commander you get 4 hours sleep.
shite but someone has to do it.
I have two questions, One) You get paid for being cadet instructors? How much? Two) They never have you guarding? Armed?
paid?? i do it for king and country, and the troops are of to altcar,so guard will be armed to keep the hoards of perm headed shell suit wearing locals away,or is it to keep the cadets in,i forget. and if any of our permement staff are watching i think you are damn fine people ,the cadets have chipped in and bought you all knighthoods from tony...
Stagging on ?? Chuff chart ??? with the cadets FGS is this Wah
In answer to your questions. Id say the average NCO gets about £50 and all we get in the guard house is some grumpy MGS guy shouting at us for using his kettle and also some crappy food box from the cookhouse....

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