Stag Nights

Gotta organise a stag night later in the year

Want somewhere that combines decent daytime entertainment with less scrupulous night time activities.....

Any suggestions?

Any where in Europe would be fairly reasonable :lol: Just thought I'd seek opinions of those who may have travelled to more unusual places....


I’m going to Amsterdam for a stag doo next weekend.
We shall be visiting as many strip clubs as we can manage over the weekend, the more depraved the better. I’m currently in the process of tracking down a transsexual stripper to set loose on the bridegroom on the Saturday night when he’s no longer compos mentis.
The days will be spent recovering from hangovers and may include a tour of the city and a visit to the sex museum.
At the first opportunity when the bridegroom is in the shower, his clothes will be stolen and replaced with this to wear all weekend :D


Quality!!!! When my mate got married we taped a pair of boxing gloves to his hands, one of them was 'holding' a 3/4 pint (plastic) beaker taped secure. So every time the groom looks away, or whenever someone feels like it, more booze is put into the beaker. Also when he wants to go to the bog a forfeit has to be performed. Poor sod was rat-arsed after most of a round of spirits went his way.

They now hang in our mess as a memorial to that night, and if someone deserves them, they come out and the rules are re-instated so some victim gets trollied!
Amsterdam my man, amsterdam - what u cant find there isnt worth finding.
Never have a medical person anyway in the stag party, we were told we were ONLY ALLOWED TO GET THE GROOM PLASTERED, so we did, FULL BODY CAST and a hand truck for mobility.
Hamburg, just as depraved as Amsterdam but a lot less tacky.
You will find the tranny's in "Rasputins". Be warned though after a few pints it is difficult to tell.
I am Sure ryanair fly into hamburg
Two other excellent venues for filthy degenerate behaviour are Krakow and Prague. For something only slightly less degenerate but capable of being spun as a cultural visit try Budapest. Beers in Prague still seldom top 50p even in the most exploitative bars/clubs. Krakow will see a bottle of vodka on the table in a bar for six euros! Polish and Czech birds are stunning and there are many "gifted amateurs" if you don't wish to become profesionally associated with one. Happy Hunting...oh but don't try and steal a Czech flag unless you are prepared to fight your way off the objective...another story for another thread methinks!
so, where do you take someone who has never been signed up and who might not appreciate some of my better ideas?

My younger brother is doing that silly marriage thing and need to get him wasted. Did fancy getting him drunk in amsterdam and then see how far east i could get him on a train. (obviously without money or cards!!!)

or do you think he may not see the funny side?
are you going to give him the luxury of clothes - tie him up and put him in the luggage rack.
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