Stag do.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sillyboy, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Done a brief search, nowt much there so apologies if its been done.

    God only knows why but I have been tasked with organising a 3 day weekender for 8 lads next Spring. Have bandied about the usual suspects, Prague, Barcelona, ect but its proving quite a task in respect of the sheer amount of good stuff out there.

    So, 8 lads, a curious mix of civvys, serving and ex and one very ex, hats and non hats alike, some big some small, one small and ginger :D

    Expense is ok as long as its not a complete account buster, £500.00 - £700.00 a piece for the lot.

    Ideas flagged up, bit of range work somewhere would be good, bit of wandering about stroking chins and taking pictures, the usual fleshpots, half decent digs (apartment probably) and for me a nice little tongue and groove panelled, garishly decorated house of ill repute to slope off to once the Vladivar has warmed my senses.

    If anyones had any good do's abroad, good packages let me know, be good to know the 'nightmare' spots as well, ie, taxis on commision, strip bars with a one way in no way out policy (a number of our party arent considered the diplomatic type and the prospect of being carved up and spending a week in a Gulag isnt too appealing :D ) and anything else anyone thinks is worth adding ?


  2. Go to Thailand, and send the Ginger to Blackpool
  3. For 3 days ? ! Cant take ginger to Blackpool, he wont get served in half the bars
  4. I'm going on a stag do this weekend that's been organised trough the imaginatively named

    It's all been pretty smooth up till now (sorting out accom, timings, go karting package etc.) and i can let you know on monday how smoothly the weekend goes if your interested?

    It's not prague admitedly (Chester) but there are options to go further a-field on the site and i'm sure i saw a shooting package on there too.


  5. we did it's a knock out as a party of 10 against 2 other stag do's...******* immense...that was 60 a head. leaves 640 for booze and all 3 went out and our combined effort drunk the local town dry
  6. easy jet flights to Majorca cheap apartment last time i did it you could get somthing in palma for 180 euro

  7. Grand Prix? Assuming your timings are good enough.

    Track day(s)?
  8. That does actually sound pretty good, Im in Bournemouth all weekend so will fish about for a deal on the coast..cheers
  9. lovely stuff mate, deposits are due in this month so cheers
  10. Stay away from Prague. It's not as cheap as it used to be, and they're trying to get away from the "stag do" label. They won't let you in half the bars anymore.

    Riga, in Latvia, is a good weekend away. So is Tallinn, Estonia.

    Warsaw was a great weekend on a rugby tour, worth a look in.
  11. Not for a group of lads on the pop it isn't. I went there in 2007 and hated it as we (4 blokes-myself, one Scaley and 2 civvy mates all in late 20's/30's and not any trouble whatsoever) got treated like shit. Having seen the way they treated stag groups when we were there (it wasn't for a stag do), I cannot recommend Riga whatsoever.
  12. H3

    H3 LE

  13. Well, my advice is based on one thing. Go to Bulgaria. 50p a pint for a decent lager.

    Editing for bad keyboard drills.
  14. Get the Ginger one to dress as a clown, put him outside a set of Golden Arches and you may be able to get free lard. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Lard.