Stag do "tasks"

I am arranging a stag do and am minded to produce a set of (say) 20 envelopes containing tasks for the unlucky groom to do.

For a Russian roulette-type thrill, he will pick them at random and be obliged to complete (say) 10 of the 20; some will be totally innocuous and involve buying us all a brandy or whatever, and a small number will involve him going to get both his ears pierced with big rings like a pirate, get his legs waxed and other such gay things that will return him to his beloved like something off Queer Eye for the Straight Guy gone horribly wrong.

I have a few ideas already but would appreciate any further suggestions. Am happy to report back next week on the results.

I have done a search for this as was sure it would have been done already, but I couldn't find anything.
Strip wax his ring piece and it has to be video'd
All good prank-type things - for which thanks - but what I am really after is tasks to give him to complete.

Things like:

"As you are a gwa you have never known a tan and your good lady is presumably resigned to your pasty skin. Experience for once the thrill of looking like a normal person who has been on holiday.

GET YOURSELF TO A SPRAY TANNING SALON. Time limit: 2 hours. Off you go son."

I am doing a load of slips like this to put in the envelopes.
Forfeit cards - great idea.

Don't forget to put him on an express train last thing without ID or money, just phone up the British Transport Police at the other end to get him body cavity searched for drugs. 'Tis all good fun!

Big fat stripper/kissogram always goes down well - Videoed of course!


Got T-Shirts sorted?
I married a catholic, so my best man forced me to wear an orange sash during my stag night. He also handcuffed me to the ugliest munter in the bar.
I married a catholic, so my best man forced me to wear an orange sash during my stag night. He also handcuffed me to the ugliest munter in the bar.
One task i saw, "You must leave this bar, and return in half an hour with, a traffic cone, a london underground employees hat, the left shoe of a business man and a bar maids bra" we giggled, he ended up completing his task!
Like that one. We are going to be in Poland though and I suspect that the employees of the local municipal transport system may have less of a sense of humour than the stalwart staff of London Underground.

Think we'll substitute 1) Pope memorabilia and 2) a cabbage.
like someone said, forfeit cards. they are a good all round thing which keeps everyone on their toes, not just the groom. also have you thought about what you will all be wearing that night? i recommend clowns, you'll be noticed wherever you go


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clownbasher said:
Any more?
How long you got?

The Dating Game

All your mates select a chatup line. At any time during the night they select a bird (Stunna or Swamp Donkey) and give him their line. He has to use it in front of a witness. When he does, he has to drink a drink selected by the mate concerned.

I'll start shall I? Jolly good...

1) Give us a blow job or I'll tell the bouncers you tried to sell me drugs.

2) I just spiked your drink. Heres 10p. See if you can call the cops before it sets in?

3) Mummy made me gay but I'm thinking of switching to the dark side. Any advice?

4) Can you smell fish? I'm sure I can smell fish?

How about this? In the Falklands one of my dental colleagues who was getting married (frankly, to an absolute hound, but ho hum, love is blind) - we got him absolutely trousered in the Mess at MPA and had a chat with the RAF who (whilst he was trousered) squirrelled him aboard a flight to Ascension. Having fallen asleep in the midsts of a Falklands winter he awoke in equatorial heat in Ascension muttering "WTF" amongst other things!
Invite the groom into the back room of his local boozer.

On entering he is set upon by a dozen local hard men armed with clubs and broken bottles. The one sided beating should continue only until his heart stops.

Funerals are less expensive than weddings.
Last stag party i had the pleasure to be on the groom was given 3 sealable clear bags and a small pair of scissors. he had to find a ginger, a brunette and a blonde and bring back enough pubic hair so it could be added to some sticky-back plastic where he had to wear it stuck to his chest as a chest wig for the rest of the night.