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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. So tomorrow is my stag do.

    I'm not really looking forward to it. Grateful for the guys for organising it, though, although I had to take the upper hand in the end when nobody could figure out a time or meeting place. It's a soft one - a night at Jongleurs in Glasgow followed by a long night piss up and a stop off at the casino for those who can keep their eyes open. Which is a typical night out, really. Read reviews about the comedy club and everybody says it pants. But lets face it, people who bitch and moan on the internet (like me) are never happy.

    The last time I went on a stag do (with some members from this crowd going tomorrow and a similar night) we ended up trying to strip the stag and tie him to a lamp post in the city centre. As he was a bit of a violent bastard, we did it to the best man - his little brother - instead. We were all promptly bollocked by coppers, shortly afterwards. He also never forgave us and hasn't spoken to any of us since the wedding passed by. His older brother wasn't too chuffed in the long run either.

    The prospect is terrifying. What did you cunts do for your stag do?
  2. Zurich street parade 2004.... Dressed like an long ago
  3. Sat indoors posting crap on the internet.
  4. I am such a miserable fucker that I would be happy with this. Porn would be better than a strip club. I can choose what I want and can wank furiously without being chucked out.
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  5. H3

    H3 LE

    We managed to get him run over by a Fire engine ...... Oops !!
  6. I'm fortunate I've never had to be so condemned.
  7. Luckily, the few lunatics I know couldn't come to my stag do.
    So I escaped unscathed.

    2 nights out in Bristol, with the usual drunken antics, strip joints, and waking up with various liberated "trophies" dotted around reception and our rooms.

    Fucking boring really.
  8. To be honest I'd have been quite happy with a trip to a localish pub rather than out in town. Go out, get bladdered, go to local dancing, let the single guys try to get fired into drunk 17 year olds then go home and go to sleep. Job done. Worried about being the subject of attention at the comedy club. The jibes would hurt my feelings too much.

    "Woah, Milky Bar Kid, you've really let yourself go!" - that would be a cracking gag but at my expense.

    Getting phone calls now with guys moaning that 5PM is too early and we should be meeting at 6 since thats when doors open at comedy club etc. Too much hassle.
  9. Fuck em mate, do what u want to do, on mine I ended up being the sensible one albeit shitfaced threatening to throw a cock off a bridge in Durham for threating a mucka.

    The mate was a cunt tho!! But hey hi!
  10. Aye, that's the plan. I'm just a boring cunt nowadays. Can't be arsed with a big mental night.
  11. We got fucked around by the church for the rehearsal, so my stag do ended up being the very night before, and the only one mate and his girlfriend were available.

    They took me out for a mega Steak dinner, which was nice for a pair of vegetarians, and we got some stickers made in one of those photo booth/sticker machines.

    Bit shit really, and someone tried to break into my car during the service.
  12. My ex had his stag night the night before we got married and took so many and such a variety of mind-altering substances that he was getting flashbacks of the curtains in the registry office throughout the whole of the ceremony.

    I did not find this out until 2 weeks later when we got the wedding photos back.
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  13. Seems like you've made up your mind already.

    I spent the evening with a mate who is gay, in central London. We drank some very good brandy and smoked an excellent cigar.
    I went to bed fairly early. Feeling just a tad tipsy, I stripped off prior to realizing the curtains were still open. As I approached the window with a semi, I realised that there was a naked woman standing in the window of the house opposite watching. She wasn't a stunner, but WTF?
    Beating off at what must have been the precursor for Skype sex wasn't necessarily the best way to spend a stag night. But it was fucking great.
  14. YMP, the wedding was awesome just the two of us in Vegas, walking through the Mandalay Bay in full shizzle, with future wife in her most expensive dress she could find for a one off was truley awesome!
  15. For my mates stag do we went to the Jongleurs comedy club in Brizzle and it was a good night out.
    Very sensibly they kept the stag parties away from tables around the stage and put all the hen parties there instead so the comics could rip the piss out of them.
    Then a day of activity stuff, a decent Thai meal, beer keller, then on to a strip club with free drinks and a free private dance for the future groom.

    All with some of the cheapest accommodation in the South West so they didn't care that the rooms were trashed and covered in the remains of some shit kebabs.

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